Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have a twitter!!!!! But... I'm still not sure exactly how to use it. ANND I look unloved because I follow people, but no one has yet to be following me. SOO I guess this is where all you lovelies come in... follow me! Please??

Keep your head up and teach me how to twitter teach me teach me how to twitter,


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I used to be in gymnastics... Key word used to. I sucked. I can do a perfect cartwheel, one handed cartwheel, cartwheel round off and that was about the extent of my training. Sad right? Well, I was setting choreography for a new dance I'm trying and I decided it would look a ton cooler if I had a running cartwheel round off. This is about a third grade level trick easy right? Not. I barely got the cartwheel down and almost fell on my neck trying to add the round off in. Moral of the story is don't do stunts with out a spotter. (some one who is there who is strong enough to catch you.) I fell twice and woke up this morning barely able to move and sore. I'm going to try again today with some one who can spot me. Hopefully everything will go right and I'll be able to post a video of the dance soon. Well, maybe not this one, but for sure the other one to Bruno Mars I'm working on. I'll keep you posted. :P

This is the song I'm working on right now. :D 

Keep your head up and your spotter close,
Ellie <3 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Story

A few things you should know... 
  • the camera was sitting on top of a klenex box on top of a stool on top of my bed, that's why it shakes every time I move... sorry. 
  • It took 10 takes to get the index card part right. 
  • I did stop shooting the video mid-way to correct the low. Now you know I'm seriously not lying when I say I feel absolutely nothing. 
  • And on the last index card I forgot the s in thanks. As much as I would love to blame the low I can't, I mearly just can't spell.
So with out further ado this is my story. 

Keep your head up and your camera steady,
Ellie <3

Monday, December 26, 2011

What A Merry Christmas Eve Lo Looks Like...

My Christmas Eve outfit. I looved the way I did my hair! 
This is what a Merry Christmas Low looks like at 12:45 in the morning. I was actually at the midnight service at church and had to excuse myself to go test. The diabetic sitting behind me got mad for not asking him for a granola bar... This was the one time I had absolutely nothing to correct with!! 

This picture was taken with out flash. That's how ghostly grey my hand was at 1:00 in the morning. There was no pink anywhere up my arm. That's what freaked me out the most. 

The accidental blood drip on the night stand from checking before I went to bed at 3:00 in the morning. It took three hours to bring this LO back up to a 90.

It's oddly ironic how Christmas Eve I probably ate more sugar than Christmas day and this happened... sad huh? 
I hope everyone's Christmas was magical! 

Keep your head up and your blood sugars up,
Ellie <3  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

I'm going to be on a blogging break for a while, but before I left I wanted to leave you with the cutest bear EVER!!!!!!! 

Keep your head up and your Christmas merry,
Ellie <3 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Night In The Life Of Me

Let me set a scene for you. It's two o' clock in the morning and I hear a noise that could have been anything. I'm super hyper vigilant now and nothing is going to get me to go back to sleep. An overwhelming sense of dizziness washes over me and I've realized I'm only seeing out of my right eye. My heart is beating a mile a minute and my hands are shaky to no end. I decided it was a good time just to test the bg. I honestly didn't think anything was wrong it just seemed like a good plan. I pulled out my bag and poked my finger, FOUR TIMES, before I could get enough blood out. I slowly dropped the blood on the strip trying to subside the shaking that I thought was from the bad dream I just had. I waited the fives seconds and a number flashed on the screen. From my point of view it looked like an E6 which means epic fail dummy you didn't get enough blood. I was gonna throw the thing across the room when I looked back down at it. 26. Moments passed to minutes and I sat there dumbfounded. I was mad at my body for doing this when I was supposed to be sleeping, I was mad at myself that I didn't wake up sooner, I was mad at the meter for showing me a stupid 26. I got up and ate ritz bitz cheese and crackers and a juice box and sat there waiting praying for a quick and high rebounding number so I could go to sleep safely. At 2:30 I retested 77. I know I shouldn't have, but I went back to bed. I woke up low again this morning, but it wasn't that bad. I'm just happy I made it through the night. Just another night in the life of me. 

Keep your head up and your night time bg's up too,
Ellie <3 

P.S I blame the Just Dance 2 on the wii that we played for like two hours last night. I would normally eat a snack after we finished to keep me from plummeting like this, but I forgot. Soo thanks a lot Just Dance 2. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

My View Of Yesterday :'(

 This was yesterday. It started at 9:30 and hovered between the 20's and the 40's til about 1:00 in the afternoon where it finally hit 82 and stuck there. I felt like I was a character from Hangover this morning when I woke up. Just the joys of living with this. I've got a cardiology appointment tonight so we're gonna see what he thinks I'm dieing of. Please keep me in your prayers.

Keep your head up and your sanity intact,
Ellie <3 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Is The Wold Coming To?

Woke up this morning after staying up til 2:00 baby sitting last night and I was tired, but there were no signs of what was coming ahead. Went to church and started fading out after church I tested and I was 27! The endo wants me to test and wait 15 mins before correcting and test again to see the difference. No I corrected. Now my mom is mad at me because I didn't wait the 15 mins. I've been hovering in the 40's all morning and NOTHING has been bringing them up. I felt fine until after I corrected the first 27 then I felt like I got trampled by four bulls... twice. My legs are still shaky and I'm still super dizzy, but I have to make it to the store I only have 5 strips left. I know awesome right? I have to stand on my own if I'm ever going to make it through this not just literally, but theoretically also. Here goes nothing.

Keep your head up and your feet firmly on the ground cuz honestly it hurts to get dizzy and fail... again,
Ellie <3

Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's creeping up in my mind now all the time. I'm not lying awake at night thinking about how pissed off I am at blood sugars from the day, but I lie awake thinking about the possibilities that I'm having seizure symptoms instead. I'm babysitting tonight and I can't stop thinking about the fact that what if tonight was my body's breaking point what if it stops being symptoms and forms into an actual one. We're not even sure if that's what it is, but what if it is?! I can't stop thinking. I have to, but I can't. Please please keep me in your prayers. I could really use them.

Keep your head up and scary thoughts out of your mind,
Ellie <3

Friday, December 16, 2011

Adding To The List

Went to my first endo appointment today... It went okay. We're adding more tests to the lists and some more random stuff too. Here's what I'm up to now.

-cardiologist on Monday
-MRI brain scan was ordered by the endo this morning to look for SEIZURES!! (umm yeah that freaks me out a little)
-if neither the endo or the cardiologist finds anything I'm off to see a neurologist.

All over the Christmas break. I'm glad we're taking a step forward in the right direction, but I'm upset it's ruining my Christmas break and I'm scared. None of my friends really know what I'm going through and someone who is supposed to be like my best friend was telling me all these scary things about seizures. Even though the likely hood of me having seizures is small and limited it still scares me to think about. I guess it's back to the hurry up and wait game. Merry Christmas guys!

Keep your head up and scary thought out of your mind,
Ellie <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't Give Up

There comes a time in everyone's lives when you have no better way to react than to be scared. Scared of the day ahead, scared of the diagnoses the doctor will give you, scared of the grade you got on your test, scared of a robbery, scared you forgot to put the butter in the cookie recipe. We all get scared and have our moments, but the one thing I've learned over the past week is to power through those moments and learn from them or fix what could be causing you to be scared. I'm not saying you have to go through it with a smile on your face because let's face it when you're scared is not the time to be in a happy go-lucky kinda mood being scared feels like crap. But I encourage you to find someone to talk to someone to do a happy dance when you get good news after being scared or someone who is willing to sit with you and cry while you are processing what you were told. Either way don't hold the emotions up inside, it just ends badly. Trust me. I've been on the scared freaking roller coaster for the past two weeks. And I am just now making progress on the issue. So I ask you to hold on for the ride and ride it out.

Keep your head up and most importantly don't GIVE up,
Ellie <3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yesterday was a tough day. I ended the day with about 5-6 lows that dropped below 70's. The last one of the night was the one that left me at my breaking point. I don't show emotion when I'm around other people, or at least I try not to. Yesterday I had eaten a second lunch and was sitting on the couch waiting to bounce back up from my 5th low. I had a headache that the last low left me and I wasn't to excited about the fact that it wasn't going away. I was annoyed. All of a sudden I started feeling sick to my stomach. I just wanted to go to sleep, but I was to shaky to make it to my room. So I layed there on the couch. Suddenly I started uncontrollably crying and I wanted nothing more than to run away and hide from everybody. It was only 4:00 in the afternoon, but I was already in my PJ's trying to fall asleep. It didn't even cross my mind that I was low until the room started spinning. I tested and drank a juice box and cried silently for a half hour at the fact that I couldn't go hang out with the guests we had over because I was low and couldn't stop the room from spinning. I hit my breaking point and sitting there aware that this was happening stung a little bit. What helped was knowing I'm not alone knowing there are people who know what I'm going through. It's a tough pill to swallow sometimes and it hurts knowing I'm going to be swallowing this pill forever, but I swallowed it and I'm ready to move fourth and push myself harder. So if you're crying silent tears right now just know you're not alone. I promise.
Keep your head up and your juice boxes handy,
Ellie <3

And for your veiwing enjoyment... It's always been on my bucket list to ride a segway. These guys did the impossible with one. You should check it out it's a pretty amazing story. :P

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Karate Chopped (Multiple Timez)

So far today I've been low three four times and it's only 10:45 in the morning. Today is kicking my butt and as much I've been fighting back and using my amazing force I'm no match for these lows. I've been left on the floor dizzy and in a haze and wondering how much more I can handle. I'm at my breaking point already today and I'm not enjoying it. So I ask that you wish me luck as I defend my black belt in hypo A$$ kicking karate. 

Keep your head up and your black belt on,
Ellie <3 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Visited my doctor today and we reviewed our attack plan for the causes of all the low blood sugars. Even though I'm labeled as a hypoglycemic we're really not sure what's up. So this is our new plan of attack. I got a refferal to see a endocrinologist and a cardiac specialist. The endo is pretty much self explanatory, but they are worried that my constant state of dizziness is due my heart having an extra beat or some shiz like that. We are waiting for my refferals to be cleared with my insurance and then we'll go from there. At this point we're looking at a few blood tests from the endo and possibly a 24 hour heart monitory thingy ma bob to watch my heart rate. I don't know. Anyway. That's my update on the doctors. Please keep me in your prayers as I hack my way through this.

Keep your head up and your holiday season merry,
Ellie <3 

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey man. or womans or aliens what ever you are. News update and pictures to come, but for now I NEED your help. I'm going to the doctors soon to get my blood drawn again and I need to know what questions to ask what to tell him or show him. I don't know. AHHHH!! What am I to do?? Help would be great.

Keep your head up and the advice heading my way,
Ellie <3

Friday, December 2, 2011

Yo I can't Believe You Said That!

I haven't posted lately because there really hasn't been much to post about numbers were beautiful, nothing monumental happened at school... nothing until today.
I had my first run in with misconceptions yesterday. I am partly to blame, but I should have fixed it. I was low two days ago so I was sitting on the floor in our living room drinking a juice box and visiting. My grandma noticed my quietness and asked if I was low. I said yes and went into tell her about my 5 lows that day and blah blah blah. One of my family members looked up realizing we were talking about low blood sugar and asked if I was type 1 or type 2. I answered hypoglycemic except when I answered it sounded like type 2 and that's what he had heard. I didn't realize that or I would have corrected him. Then yesterday rolled around and I was correcting another low with juice and chocolate. (yes I know you can not correct a low with chocolate get over it I did.) He looked up and was like you better watch your intake missy it's no wonder your part diabetic. I almost fell on the floor. I didn't have a chance to correct him before someone started another conversation. It just kind of annoyed me. I will correct him sooner or later I promise I just got to make sure it's not like yo i can't believe you said that! Wish me luck.

Keep your head up and educated,
Ellie <3