Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I used to be in gymnastics... Key word used to. I sucked. I can do a perfect cartwheel, one handed cartwheel, cartwheel round off and that was about the extent of my training. Sad right? Well, I was setting choreography for a new dance I'm trying and I decided it would look a ton cooler if I had a running cartwheel round off. This is about a third grade level trick easy right? Not. I barely got the cartwheel down and almost fell on my neck trying to add the round off in. Moral of the story is don't do stunts with out a spotter. (some one who is there who is strong enough to catch you.) I fell twice and woke up this morning barely able to move and sore. I'm going to try again today with some one who can spot me. Hopefully everything will go right and I'll be able to post a video of the dance soon. Well, maybe not this one, but for sure the other one to Bruno Mars I'm working on. I'll keep you posted. :P

This is the song I'm working on right now. :D 

Keep your head up and your spotter close,
Ellie <3 

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