Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Win For Elizabeth!

     Improve, thinking on your feet, witty, sarcastic, rude... I don't care what you call it we've all had those amazing one liners that you came up with quickly as come backs. Today mine is worth sharing. After kettlebells my mother texted me asking me to pick up some ice cream on my way home. I stopped at the store and because I drive a bigger truck I parked in the back. It was a well lit parking lot and there were plenty of people coming in and out I didn't feel unsafe or anything so I continued on my mission for ice cream. Coming out of the store I looked around. There was me, an elderly man and a very large group of teenage boys walking my direction. I got out my keys and headed straight towards my truck. The large group of boys kept walking towards me and now I could hear what they were saying. They were making comments back and forth about me, and how hot I was... all while I was thinking of ways to kick their asses should anything go wrong. Just as I was opening my door one of the boys got a little closer, not close enough for me to feel threatened, just close enough for it to be creepy, and he said directed at me "why don't you come and get some." Right then I responded "you wish." with a tiny bit of well must I say B*!%^yness to it. I then proceeded to get in my car and drive away smirking as they all stood there in the middle of the parking lot with their jaws on the ground. And that my friends is Elizabeth's win for the night. :) So what is the lesson of this story?
To always have your snarky one liners ready... you'll never know when you may need them.

Keep your head up and your comebacks ready,
Ellie <3

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why One Should Not Bring Apple Sauce To The Airport...

     Ahhh the Phoenix airport. Every Summer I go and visit my family in Phoenix, I fly alone from Vegas to there and I've never had any major troubles. This time I decided to take GoGo Squeeze 
as my awesome low emergency food. I put my bag through the scanner and kept going, not a single peep was spoken about my meter, food, apple sauce, nothing. I was pleasantly surprised and wasn't about to go back and say "hey did you not want to question my apple sauce? What's up with that?!" No, I held my excitement in and kept going, as I had a plane to catch. Well, my stay went well, I pretty much swam and talked for four days straight. It. Was. Amazing. Tuesday rolled around and I had to be taken back to the airport. I had checked in the day before and had boarding number A50, my flight left at 11:20 so getting there at 10:00 should be plenty of time, right? WRONG!! I hadn't had a need for my apple sauce so it sat in my bag. I put my bag through the scanner. "Is this your bag?" The maybe 18 year old asked me, "Yes, it is why?" This is just great. They called a bag check on my bag, the purple owl bag may have not been the right one to bring, it does look a little suspicious I guess. He took it over to a table and began unloading it. "Is there anything that can poke me in here?" He asked. What do I say to that?? "Um yeah, I have lancets in there for my blood sugar meter, they're in that ugly black case right there." I was not even trying to hide the sarcasm in my voice. All of a sudden my head started pounding and my legs felt a little shaky. He got to the apple sauce and held it up with a disgusted look on his face. "What. Is. This?" "Oh it's apple sauce you know.. I like to have snacks." I said still being very sarcastic. He told me my bag had to go back through the scanner and so did I. What the point of me going back through was I will never be able to tell you, but I had to. He handed my bag back to me and I happen to catch a glance at his watch. Oh hey we wasted 30 minutes making sure my apple sauce wasn't packing a bomb! I headed over to my gate, and could barely read the signs because my vision was so blurred. I decided because I hadn't had anything to eat in a while that I should get something to eat. Now, I'm in D gates where there is only a Starbucks. So I commence running to C gates 5 minutes later I'm throwing money at the pizza guy (not literally) and running back to D gates. I get back to my gate and A30 is getting on the plane. Well great, I'm going to have to eat my pizza on a plane. I find my seat and sit down and the flight attendent said ma'am you look really pale. Sooo I tested, I was running a beautiful 43 the ENTIRE FREAKING TIME! So dear security man, I'm sorry I gave you attitude. And every one else who flies through the Phoenix airport don't bring apple sauce they have a conspiracy against it I guess. 

Keep your head up and no apple sauce in your bag while flying,
Ellie <3 

Smiles Are Upon Us

     I've found that even in the hardest times it's best to find something to smile at. These are some of the times that I have smiled and things that make me smile. Smile a little you might find it refreshing. :D

You can't really see it... but our tounges are blue! 

Loosing at twister in the middle of a tornado warning. 


On a speed boat tour! We were in the very first row! These are all the people on it with us, my dad could only get a few of them to look up and smile. 

Being buzz from Toy Story! 

TP contest at pageant. 
Nick Jonas... uhhh he makes me smile... a lot. 

As you can see smiling brings joy and joy brings less stress and less stress means more happiness... I think.

Keep your head up and keep smiling,
Ellie <3

Friday, July 27, 2012

Keeping My Happy Face On

     I haven't posted in a while. Life has simply gotten away from me. In a matter of weeks I got my license, got a job, finish my second year of high school, got a boyfriend, and started being completely independent. I always knew that turning 16 would be a major turning point in my life. I just knew it, before that day I felt trapped, not in a bad way, but just trapped in a world where my world had to coinside with everyone else's. I couldn't do something if I couldn't find a ride, I couldn't eat somewhere if I couldn't find a ride or someone who would pay for me.. things like that. But now, I can do what ever I want, to an extent and I just feel free. I've let go of those strings that were attached to me and I've officially become my own person.
     And I'm not going to lie to you... This new found freedom has been AMAZING!! But, lately I've noticed that it's been taking it's toll. I've noticed that the emotional side has been weighing down on me, and the physical/medical side of it all has been making it's self known as well. And well, I've just been coping. I haven't been conquering, or fighting, or even trying, I've just been riding it. Sure I've come to terms with the fact that testing my blood sugar is no option and my boyfriend has been fine with that. It's just he's never seen  a sever moment where I can not physically handle things on my own, and I fear that if that does happen he won't know what to do because he just doesn't know. And I don't want to educate him or even bring it up because well it's still awkward. I don't want to HAVE to talk about it. But I know I HAVE to because my episodes lately are speratic with no pattern, and they've been bad.. like grey blurry vision, no freaking clue where I am, what I'm doing, or where I'm going, and dizziness like you can't imagine. And every time like clock work I test and I'm still hovering in the 120's-130's or every once and a while the 30's and 40's. I just don't understand it!!
It's like that elephant that sits in the middle of the room, except in my case it's that creepy monster.. (I have no pictures of me with elephants. Stick with me..) I feel like I'm slowly loosing hope. That there's nothing left to fight for, except for the fact that I have EVERYTHING left to fight for. So what do I do? To educate or not to educate? Tis is the question. And if I do, what do I say? Uhg... this is soo difficult.

For now I think I'll just keep my happy face on and keep riding it through.

Keep your head up and your happy face on,
Ellie <3