Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smiles Are Upon Us

     I've found that even in the hardest times it's best to find something to smile at. These are some of the times that I have smiled and things that make me smile. Smile a little you might find it refreshing. :D

You can't really see it... but our tounges are blue! 

Loosing at twister in the middle of a tornado warning. 


On a speed boat tour! We were in the very first row! These are all the people on it with us, my dad could only get a few of them to look up and smile. 

Being buzz from Toy Story! 

TP contest at pageant. 
Nick Jonas... uhhh he makes me smile... a lot. 

As you can see smiling brings joy and joy brings less stress and less stress means more happiness... I think.

Keep your head up and keep smiling,
Ellie <3

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