Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why One Should Not Bring Apple Sauce To The Airport...

     Ahhh the Phoenix airport. Every Summer I go and visit my family in Phoenix, I fly alone from Vegas to there and I've never had any major troubles. This time I decided to take GoGo Squeeze 
as my awesome low emergency food. I put my bag through the scanner and kept going, not a single peep was spoken about my meter, food, apple sauce, nothing. I was pleasantly surprised and wasn't about to go back and say "hey did you not want to question my apple sauce? What's up with that?!" No, I held my excitement in and kept going, as I had a plane to catch. Well, my stay went well, I pretty much swam and talked for four days straight. It. Was. Amazing. Tuesday rolled around and I had to be taken back to the airport. I had checked in the day before and had boarding number A50, my flight left at 11:20 so getting there at 10:00 should be plenty of time, right? WRONG!! I hadn't had a need for my apple sauce so it sat in my bag. I put my bag through the scanner. "Is this your bag?" The maybe 18 year old asked me, "Yes, it is why?" This is just great. They called a bag check on my bag, the purple owl bag may have not been the right one to bring, it does look a little suspicious I guess. He took it over to a table and began unloading it. "Is there anything that can poke me in here?" He asked. What do I say to that?? "Um yeah, I have lancets in there for my blood sugar meter, they're in that ugly black case right there." I was not even trying to hide the sarcasm in my voice. All of a sudden my head started pounding and my legs felt a little shaky. He got to the apple sauce and held it up with a disgusted look on his face. "What. Is. This?" "Oh it's apple sauce you know.. I like to have snacks." I said still being very sarcastic. He told me my bag had to go back through the scanner and so did I. What the point of me going back through was I will never be able to tell you, but I had to. He handed my bag back to me and I happen to catch a glance at his watch. Oh hey we wasted 30 minutes making sure my apple sauce wasn't packing a bomb! I headed over to my gate, and could barely read the signs because my vision was so blurred. I decided because I hadn't had anything to eat in a while that I should get something to eat. Now, I'm in D gates where there is only a Starbucks. So I commence running to C gates 5 minutes later I'm throwing money at the pizza guy (not literally) and running back to D gates. I get back to my gate and A30 is getting on the plane. Well great, I'm going to have to eat my pizza on a plane. I find my seat and sit down and the flight attendent said ma'am you look really pale. Sooo I tested, I was running a beautiful 43 the ENTIRE FREAKING TIME! So dear security man, I'm sorry I gave you attitude. And every one else who flies through the Phoenix airport don't bring apple sauce they have a conspiracy against it I guess. 

Keep your head up and no apple sauce in your bag while flying,
Ellie <3 

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  1. Oh no! We are so sorry for the trouble that the airport gave you! Please send us a message at :)