Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Win For Elizabeth!

     Improve, thinking on your feet, witty, sarcastic, rude... I don't care what you call it we've all had those amazing one liners that you came up with quickly as come backs. Today mine is worth sharing. After kettlebells my mother texted me asking me to pick up some ice cream on my way home. I stopped at the store and because I drive a bigger truck I parked in the back. It was a well lit parking lot and there were plenty of people coming in and out I didn't feel unsafe or anything so I continued on my mission for ice cream. Coming out of the store I looked around. There was me, an elderly man and a very large group of teenage boys walking my direction. I got out my keys and headed straight towards my truck. The large group of boys kept walking towards me and now I could hear what they were saying. They were making comments back and forth about me, and how hot I was... all while I was thinking of ways to kick their asses should anything go wrong. Just as I was opening my door one of the boys got a little closer, not close enough for me to feel threatened, just close enough for it to be creepy, and he said directed at me "why don't you come and get some." Right then I responded "you wish." with a tiny bit of well must I say B*!%^yness to it. I then proceeded to get in my car and drive away smirking as they all stood there in the middle of the parking lot with their jaws on the ground. And that my friends is Elizabeth's win for the night. :) So what is the lesson of this story?
To always have your snarky one liners ready... you'll never know when you may need them.

Keep your head up and your comebacks ready,
Ellie <3

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