Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Joys Of Flying...

I had my headphones in so I couldn't tell you why we were still sitting at the gate, but we were. There was a lady sitting next to me with a pilots uniform on and she looked friendly, but she was on the phone so I was going to ask her why we were still sitting here. I just ducked my head back down and listened to my music. The funny thing was. It felt like we were moving. I looked up and everything was spinning in my right eye and everything was blurry in my left. The buckled sign was still lit so maybe we were in the air.. I don't know my window shade was down. I panicked. TSA made me chuck my emergency water at security because of it's suspicious seal (they also had to pat down my butt and swab my hands so I'm a little confused about them). I didn't know what to do. I just figured I'd roll through the motions. I figured I'd let myself pass out and then be fine. I was so dizzy, the entire right side of my body was numb and at this point I couldn't tell you which way was up and which way was down. I flipped down my tray and laid my head down on my arms like maybe sleeping would help. I could feel my heart ripping out of my chest at a million miles a minute and my breathing intensified. I felt someone place their hand on my back and I looked up in tears at this point. The pilot sitting next to me asked if I had a headache. She saw me crying and I said yes and that I needed water so I could take my meds. Just then we were told we were about to taxi back from the gate. She still got up and got me water as I prepped my meds. She said as soon as we take off she would poor it as we were just about to start our accent. She talked so calmly, she kept checking on me, asked me what else she needed to do or if it was just a headache. I handed her my emergency sheet with what's going on because at this point I couldn't form words. She was awesome at making sure I got the water and kept checking on me to make sure I was a) still breathing and b) still knew my name and where I was. Thankfully I got my medication in my system in time and nothing more serious happened because at 13,000 feet or however high we are that can be bad. But I am so thankful Southwest hires such amazing people to work for them, who will go above and beyond what they're only paid today and help others who are in need. She didn't even think twice about helping me. And I'm so thankful she was there. That's just one of the many reasons I try to always fly Southwest. I did email them to compliment them and to pass the message along to this pilot, and I know she probably won't get my email thank you and I did thank her on the plane. But I truly am SO thankful she stepped up to the plate because who knows what would have happened.

Keep your head up and travel safe this summer,
Ellie <3

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Partners In Crime

This is my best friend:
She's the bestest friend a person could ever ask for. She's always there to make you smile when nothing goes the way it should. She and I are polar opposites yet exactly alike all at the same time. She's knows what to do when I fall and how to pick me back up again, both mentally and medically wise. And she's got the most amazing personality. She's my best friend.

This is her and I camping:

We decided to go camping one weekend. Our parents okayed us going out alone, although I'm pretty sure my father was on top of a mountain watching up all night. It might have taken us 45 minutes to start a fire and we might have gone to bed at nine, but it was fun. And being with your best friend means having fun just means more memories to last forever.

We've also done a few dangerous stunts:
We were breathing fire out of our mouths, but we were using corn starch, NOT ALCOHOL!! Just thought I'd throw that out there. 
Now, we of coarse did this with the supervision of my parents and the permission of her parents. But she is a thrill seeker and I don't think I would have stepped outside of my comfort zone if it wasn't for her willingness to torch her eyebrows, I say that in the most figurative way.

She's my best friend and I don't know what I would do with out her. She's ran from one end of the school to the other to get a wheel chair for me because I was about to pass out, she's stayed up countless nights with me because my blood sugar was to low to fall asleep, she's my bestest friend in the entire world and I would be me without her. And I wouldn't hesitate to return any of the favors she done for me. We're two peas in a pod who hate high school and love playing with fire, we're inseparable. She's my partner in crime and I just wanted to tell her thanks and maybe remind you to tell whoever your partner in crime maybe the the same thing.

Keep your head up and breathe fire,
Ellie <3

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Got Wet N' A Little Too Wild

This is our new Wet N' Wild!

     My brother and I got Gold passes to the new Wet N' Wild that opened up about ten minutes from our house. This was our first time actually going and spending a good amount of time there. Before we got out of the car I said "you've heard about my episodes that kind of make me go crazy and forget who I am and sometimes pass out right?" He looked at me and said "Duh you get them once a month.. it's called your period." *connect palm to forehead multiple times here* "No, I'm talking about when I forget who I am and sometimes pass out. If this were to ever happen here. There is no need for paramedics, I just need to take my meds and me monitored until I know where I am, and you need to call mom, her phone number is on the back of my bracelet." Soo you mean we can't ride the water slide? *connect palm to forehead again*
    We were standing in line for a ride and I just felt "off" that off you can't quite explain but you know it's something. About ten minutes later we scream our way down the water slide and exit and I could feel my legs. I kid you not I could not feel my legs. I told my brother to go hop in the wave pool that I was going to go buy another water and run to the restroom and meet him back at the waves. Well, some people just don't understand the point of I'm about to pass out you need to get me help because this guy just stared at me blankly. I ordered a THREE DOLLAR water bottle WHO CHARGES THREE DOLLARS FOR WATER IN THE DESERT?!?! Anyway, I finally get it and ask where the first aid is? "Uhhhhhhhh I don't know this is my fist day here." Is the response I get. I walk over to another lady who has a lifeguard uniform on. I asked her... "It's just over there, make a left....... at this point everything is garbled. I asked her to walk with me. "I'm sorry, I'm on break." Was her response. This is ridiculous. When I finally make it there BY MYSELF the receptionist is sitting behind her desk and two metro officers are sitting in the only two chairs in the small room. I'm now holding myself up with the wall let me add. "I'm about to pass out, I don't need 911 I just need help and to sit." Both the metro just start freaking out like calm down sirs I'm sure this is not the worst thing you've seen all day. The receptionist lady takes me back to a different room which is finally the first aid room and they have me sit on the cot. Where they watch me take my meds. They then call the EMT for Wet N' Wild, they apparently have they're own which is good to know. He came in and checked my vitals, made sure I didn't have a brain injury (I didn't), asked me the normal questions who are you, do you know where you are, president's name, who are you with... and that's when I remembered my brother. "Ehh he'll be fine. And if you're really worried about him we can send one of those cops out to go grab him from the pool." He also asked me one last question. "You've told me this is migraines any other medical conditions I should know about.. I answered hypoglycemia." I don't know why I haven't had a major blood sugar problem in a good month just upper 50's low 60's are the worst. "Have you tested recently?" I shook my head. He escorted me back over to my stuff and had me grab my kit and then walked back with me to the first aid room. The all to familiar *beep beep* and then it happened, 37 flashed on the screen. I know the rescue meds I'm taking and the one I took at the park today caused my bg to drop a little but I've never seen it do something like that yet."Do you want me to get you something for that?" he asked hesitantly. "Do I have a choice" I asked more sarcastically than anything. He shook his head and chuckled. His supervisor came in later and told me jokingly I'd have to get my left leg surgically removed.. that kind of lightened the mood. They finally let me leave 20 minutes later with my bg back up at 84 and my migraine gone. I didn't see the EMT again, but I kept running into the supervisor and he kept pretending to be shocked I still had my left leg. -_- There really is no moral to this story. It's more of a wow, that was kinda scary more than anything story. My brother still thinks I was in the bathroom the entire 30 minutes I was gone, but I don't think he realizes it was 30 minutes. Just another day in the life I guess. :)

Keep your head up and just keep swimming,
Ellie <3