Monday, January 30, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You

I bought a new song on Itunes it's by Kelly Clarkson. It's an amazing song that is so inspiring and moving.

You think you got the best of methink you had the last laughbet you think that everything good is gone 
think you left me broken downthink that i'd come running backbaby you don't know me, cause you're dead wrong.
Those words speak to me, they describe what i think about lows. They think they've left me broken down and that everything good is gone... It's NOT!! I'm still living and I'm still strong. It can't take me down with it, I will ALWAYS bounce back up. Because what didn't kill you makes you stronger.

That's an amazing song. I love it to pieces!!! Listen to it when every you feel low or annoyed or just ready to give up. 
Keep your head up and the inspiration coming, Ellie <3 
P.s don't ask why it's in blue blogger just decided to be a bugger. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a Day With NO LOWS Should Look Like:

It's oddly ironic how people expect me to let hypoglycemia define me and yet I can with stand it and have a perfectly normal day with absolutely no lows and finger sticks to prove it. This is my life hypoglycemia just lives in it. 

The world's cutest origami ear rings my best friend made me for Christmas!! 

Everyday should include GLITTER PROJECTS

This is my partner in crime. You'll be seeing a lot of her today. 

A glitterfull mess. The wind was breezy too so it made for a glittery backyard! AWESOME!! 

You know, I just like hanging out in cat hats. Pssh nothing unusual here. 

Just chillin eatin frozen yogurt in an icecream chair. No biggy. 

We enjoy tree/ raccoon hugging in this family. 

Totally relived my earlier days by building a fort. Who said I need juice boxes to feel like a kid?! 

You know I like eating cheeze nips out of an 11 year old cup. Nothin irregular bout that is there??

 Well, that was my day. Sid and I did just about everything you could possibly do in one day. Just goes to show all the nonbelievers out there we can have normal days. Finger sticks, and snacks are part of our normal, we can be amazing all on our own and defeat the odds.

Keep your head up and your glitter coming,
Love Ellie <3 from:

Yes I glittatized it!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

People Who Care and RAINING GLITTER!!!!!

I shook out my jacket before going to lunch after guard. It seriously started RAINING glitter from my jacket. I LOOOOVE glitter so I may or may not have squealed. My friend (Sully) came over and was like why are you screaming. I pointed to the glitter still flowing out of my jacket. She looked at me weird and was like you're seriously seeing things and walked away. Maybe it was my lack of sleep or her bad eye sight, but I'm still not 100% sure if there was really any glitter. Anyways that 2:00 feeling hit me a little earlier, more like 12:30. So when I got on the bus I fell asleep. I woke up to some one poking me and three people staring at me. She asked me if I was okay, I answered yes and she was like I couldn't see you breathing and I knew about that other thing (low bg) so I thought I would check. I thought it was really nice of her to care enough to wake me up to make sure I was still conscious and breathing. When she got off on the 1st stop she woke me up to let me know we were getting close to mine and then left. It's good to know I have people who are looking out for me and are concerned. It really means a lot. Well that's my story for today. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to validate the glitter theory, but that highly doubtful.

Keep your head up and your glitter in your jacket,
Ellie <3

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Chronicles Of My Walk Home

10:55- Bus Ride
I sit there listening to my Ipod a new song a just bought. I fight with every last effort I have to stay awake. I was sweating when it was 64 degrees outside. I sat shaking alone in the seat. Staring out at the cars that were not spinning around in circles. My mind was fuzzy, but my thoughts were still racing. I don't understand why people are staring at me. Why my breath is so labored.

11:00- One stop before mine
I pull out my meter for my routine check as we pull up to their stop. I shakily pull out my kit and open the bottle in which my test strips were laying. I slip it into the slot in the meter and try my best to subside the dizziness as I drop the blood onto the plastic. I succeed. 1 second turns into 3 and then 5 as the number pops onto the screen. 53. I should have known what was coming. I lazily pulled out my emergency juice box scared about the walk home in this state. I reach for the straw supposedly stuck to the side of the juice. It's gone. I search. The bottom of my bag, the sides of the boxes, everywhere. I gave up and threw the box back into my bag.

11:05- One last effort of search
I search for ANYTHING! Granola bar, smarties, ANYTHING. Nothing. I reach into grab my phone to tell my mom what was going on and I felt a wrapper. Hope. I picked up the wrapper. Flash back. I bought a ring pop because I wanted a treat to walk home with. I completely forgot about it. I rip the package and start licking it. I begin my trek home. 10 minute walk. I can do this. I know the route like the back of my hand. I stagger home like I'm drunk. I can't walk in a straight line. I continue licking. I'm walking on the road right now and I now for my safety I need to get onto the dirt path on the other side of the road. I don't look both ways. I just run. I continue walking. I come to a puddle. Covers the entire path up to the road and is three inches deep but only 6 inches wide.
"Jump Elizabeth Jump. It's a minor push off the ground land on the other side. Jump Elizabeth" I tell myself. I don't. I walk right through it.

11:10- home
There's still no sign of a rise when I reach my front door. I make my way to the freezer and take out a frozen dinner. I stuff it in the microwave. I call my mom trying to hide the panic.

11:35- writing to you
I'm now on the rise. I don't know what could have happened today or what would have happened, but it didn't. I came home safe. A few scratches and a soggy shoe, but I made it. All because I wanted a treat when I walk home. 75 cents later I'm still alive. I just want you guys to be ready for anything. Be a boy scout... be prepared. Maybe bring a straw or a smarties. What ever works for you. Just be prepared and stay safe.

Good luck on your last day of finals tomorrow!

Keep your head up and straws NOT LOST,
Ellie <3
This my friends, is my brother's annoying song of the week. It seems like once a week he finds an annoying song that he likes and sings it over and over and over again. This is this weeks song. You can thank me later. :) 
Keep your head up and annoying songs OUT OF YOUR HEAD,
Ellie <3

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Is Me

*Omggg! So I logged on about an hour ago and checked my stats... 27 in one day! Heck yeah!! So I don't know what you guys are doing to get people here or who you are but it truly means a lot to me!!*

      Anyways, for those of you just joining us, I hope you stay a while! I'm Ellie. I have (we're really not sure what I have we're still getting me tested for a variety of things), but I have hypoglycemia. I test my blood sugar 3-6 times a day and battle a LOT of lows. It sucks, but I've decided to share my stories here so you can read them too! If you want more info on what I'm going through check out the huh page or click the link here

     I also made a new video! Whoo! Hopefully I'll get around to making a video once a week. Cuz I can be that awesome. 

     I know isn't my bun CUTE?! I agree. Still learning how to do it though. Okay so before I go, this is an amazing song first off, but the music video is AMAZING!! It makes me laugh esspecially the middle where she gets towed. HAHA!

     So that's all for today. Sorry. I have to continue studying for finals. Blah. BUT! Before I go, follow me on twitter! @ellieluvs15. Yup. That's it everybody. 

Keep your head up and your site views comin,
Ellie <3 

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Secondary Family

I have my family that I'm really related to. They're amazing trust me, but that can't even begin to compare to my secondary family at school. They are the ones that keep me going and smiling even when I really don't want to.
  We'll call her Tweety Bird (to protect her identity). She's one of the sweetest nicest people you will ever meet. She can always make you smile and she knows what I'm going through. She will always be there if you want to talk and even though she's a red head I swear she's blond like me underneath. She's amazing and I'm proud to call her my sister. <3

We'll call her Blossom. Blossom and I really became amazing friends about the beginning of last year and we're more like sisters now. :D She's a shy one on the outside, but as soon as you really get to know her she's amazingly talented, funny, sarcastic and all around one of the best people I know. She will always make you smile and is willing to ditch with you (we've joked about it, never really have). She's an amazing person to know and I'm proud to call her my sister too! <3

We'll call her Sully. Because she has the best advice EVER!! You can come to her for anything. She will keep you sane and fend off evil annoying people if she has to. She's amazing! She's also the one that keep an extra packet of frosting on just in case of emergency and is the one that reminds me to literally breath when I stop (another story for later.) She's the best.

We'll call him Bugs. He's like my older brother. He's mister cool at school and everybody knows him, but he'll always show up out of nowhere to give you the best hugs when your crying. He's got the best advice and is willing to be late to third period to pray with you. He has a way of making  you feel safe and is not afraid to tell some one off if the try to hurt you. He's a great big brother I never really had.

We'll call him Taz. I've only known him for a little bit, but he's become an amazing friend. He also gives amazing hugs and is willing to chase you for two blocks to make sure you're okay when you run away from your house crying hysterically. He's a great friend you can always talk to.

So there you have it. My secondary family that I love to pieces and soo blessed to have!!! They make like at school tolerable and help me get through things in everyday life! I have a secondary family... do you?

Keep your head up and your family close,
Ellie <3

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Abducted By Aliens

*I had another blog on the que for today, but I decided to post this one instead.*

It comes with the territory. I know that. But, lately I feel like I'm not myself like I've morphed into some one I'm not and I don't like the person I'm morphing into. I'm normally an outgoing person who is constantly outdoors, hanging out, laughing, dancing, just doing something. But lately I'm constantly tired and left with no energy. I don't want to leave the house or go outside or even walk to the living to watch tv. I just want to fall on the floor and sleep. I force myself to go dance at least twice a week and walk around at least to pick up my brother from the bus stop. I try so hard to not let this effect me, but it is and people are starting to get agitated. I love driving, but half the time I turn down the offer to drive because I feel like I'm about to fall asleep at the wheel. I go to sleep at 7:30 at night and wake up 45 minutes late every morning. It's annoying that I'm constantly this tired, but no matter what I do it doesn't go away and it's getting on my nerves. I swear it's due to the constant blood sugar roller coaster I'm on so how do I stop it? When do I pull into the station to get off? It's taking its toll on me and I want to just walk away from it. I feel like an alien from another planet who abducted the real Ellie and I want the real one back. So I sit here half asleep avoiding the family visiting from out of town because I don't want to be invited anywhere at the moment. I guess I'll just keep my hands and feet inside the vehicle and keep going.

Keep your head up and your attitude bright even when it's hard,
Ellie <3

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Can Go...

People are meanie poopie faces. I test my blood sugar in public don't give me a mean look unless you know what I'm going through. I teat a low in class, get over it, I'm not anymore awesome than you cuz I have a medical condition that forces me to eat in class. I require a big purse. If you didn't want to wait in line behind me while a cop searches my bag you should have chose a different line. If you have a problem with my phone beeping every two and a half hours because I forget to eat and have to constantly remind myself I'm on a new schedule, you should wear ear plugs. I'm me and you're you. I don't give you an incredibly annoyed look when you scream at the person on the other end of the line when you're on a bluetooth. It does annoy me, but I don't give you a rude look. I have to do these things to keep healthy, you have to yell at people through a bluetooth to keep buisness. We do the things we do because we HAVE to, not because we want to. So I guess if you have a problem with me you can go kiss my...
That's what I thought. 

Keep your head up and your smiles on, 
Ellie <3 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When We Stand Together

Music. It's what calms me, it keeps me sane, awake, alive, myself, it's what keeps me... well me. When I'm driving I get frazzled really easily and start yelling at the other drivers (I know bad habit) But if I turn the music on it calms me down and keeps me level headed. Don't ask me why it just does. I have a new found love for this song by Nickelback. I've never really been a fan of their music, but for some reason this song speaks to me. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. It's called When We Stand Together. Here it is... 

Keep your head up and stand together,
Ellie <3 

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Adventures with School

Sooo... the other day I was in guard...
That's what a final guard show looks like. 

and I felt low. Buuut I was 89 when we started class so I bucked up and kept going. Until... I fell 
None of these are me, but you get the point. 

A thought went through my head "hmm maybe you're low." So I double checked
What a magical number huh? 

Anyway. I walked to the nurse in my sweats and with an air head who I don't think could save me if something happened on my way up there let alone run to her next class if she had to. I know, I was pretty much writing my death wish then. Well I made it. I drank my juice box and ate my granola bar. I don't know if you know this, but when I go low the last thing I want people asking me is "how are you feeling?" and  "are you okay?" I'm 30 freaking 4 how do you think I am? Well... the lunch bell rang and I was still only 50. Grand right? They sent a student aid who could walk with out falling to get my back pack and my jeans (i was wearing sweats you dirty gutter minded people!) When she came back with my things I had to walk with the nurse to get my pizza. How embarrassing. But she's one of the nicest people ever so we had a pleasant conversation during our walk about lunch. (Random topic, I know.) So I buy my noodles (didn't have enough money for pizza... smh.) So when I got back another diabetic at our school was just bolusing for his lunch. Evidently he ussually eats in the nurses office. When he and the nurse finished he looked over at my flushed face and shakey hands, he actually knows I'm hypoglycemic. So he asked me how my day was going. I told him I've had better. The nurse looks at me rolls her eyes and turns back to him... "Don't let her fool you she's 34." I have never see anyone's eyes get so wide. 
His eyes are kinda bugging out... 

"On rough days I drop to about 40's. How did you manage to drop so low?!" He asked politelyish. 
"Guess it just takes awesomeness." I answered shrugging. That was that. It was over all an okay day. Minus the fact that I dropped again after school and spent all my money on noodles for lunch other than that I have nothing negative to say. Now you have a look at what my adventures at school entail. Don't get me wrong I love the nurses at my school and the diabetic I talked to at lunch is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet I just thought I'd share my story with you. Cuz I'm just. that. awesome. 

Keep your head up and your stories comin,
Ellie <3 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things To Keep In Mind When Going Camping (Hypoglycemic style)

In my adventures of camping last weekend I found some new information that I feel the need to share with you all...
-first always check before you ride!! Call me a dummy for just now learning that one, but hey gotta catch on sometime.
-I carried a juice box and a granola bar in my jacket for oops that dropped fast emergencies. Only had to use the granola bar once, but it really did help.
-Always let some one know where you're riding especially if you're riding alone. I was gone often alone. I've got a really good sense of direction so my parents were never worried about if I was going to find my way back I was more worried if I would still have that sense of direction if I were to go low... turns out I do.
-If you're going to dance around the fire like a maniac to Black Eyed Peas you better make sure your phone is safely secured. My dad's phone fell in the fire... surprisingly it lived to tell the story.
-If you got a new helmet for Christmas make your cousin go get his own he will fall off a hill and fall off the bike. (I mean I'm glad he's okay, but I was worried about my helmet... surprisingly it lived to tell the tale too.)
-And lastly if you're like me and you find yourself racing a train on foot (from a safe distance) just to see if you can keep up make sure you have good shoes on. Mine flew off and I almost sprained my ankle.
Well that's all the updates I have for now. Be Safe And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Keep your head up and your helmet safe,
Ellie <3