Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When I'm Gone

      Because I like singing and this is a cool song thing.. I thought I would share. :) Have a great day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Soo.. I Met A Guy Today

     This is not about what you think. Okay, yea it does involve a guy, and it does involve us talking, but it doesn't involve us talking like THAT. As we all know from my Tagging experience before, I tend to end up in some interesting situations. Which was no different this time.
     My best friend Maddy and I were trying to find something to do out of the cold (well, cold for us I mean there's no blizzards here right now, but 42 degrees at 3 in the after noon is cold for Vegas.). Anyways, we decided to hit up Laser Tag. Maddy and I were buying our tickets when I noticed a bracelet on the guy's wrist. The logo looked familiar, but I couldn't get a good look at it so we went on and played our game. When we were paying for our second game I noticed the bracelet again, except this time I got a better glance at it. It was for the "You Can Do This Project". Which is an amazing project that you can find more about here. This website has been a HUGE inspiration to me from the very beginning and it was cool to see someone else who knew about it. I told him I liked his bracelet and that it was cool he supported it. He said thanks and handed us our tickets and then glanced back up at me. "Wait, how do you know about this?" He asked, I then told him how I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia about two and a half years ago and how blogging about it made me feel less alone and hopeless. He told me he was diagnosed with type one about eleven years ago and how he had felt that way before as well. We talked for a while and then he had to get back to work he gave me a fist bump (because high fives are so last year) and then we went our separate ways. I may be facing hypoglycemia alone, but there's a hole army of people out there who have my back, who knows what it's like, who are going through something similar and it was cool getting a chance to talk with him about what he goes through and how he manages to keep moving forward. I'm so thankful for the You Can Do This Project because it's connected me to someone who I would have otherwise never met. He encouraged me to keep my head up and made me feel less alone and hopeless, and I hope some day I can do the same for someone else just like me.

Keep your head up and never forget that You Can Do This,
Ellie <3