"It's complicated." That's normally what I tell the paramedics when they ask what's wrong with me. I haven't "officially" been diagnosed yet, but they have told me I have been suffering from seizures. The black out I have been having recently are seizures, except I don't convulse. My brain starts firing signals really really fast and can't keep up with itself triggering a wave of crappy symptoms and then a black out. It's happening on average 2 times a day every day. I also have reactive hypoglycemia. This is when my pancreas releases to much insulin causing my blood sugar to drop. I try to keep my blood sugar in the range of 80-120. I test about four times a day, when I feel low, or after a black out. There is no cure for the blackouts only medication to help manage it, and they can't put me on that yet until they know for sure it's seizures. I carry my meter and an Emergency Sheet with me where ever I go. My best friend, teachers, and school nurse also have a copy. This sheet has all my emergency contacts, what to do should I black out, and what to do for a low blood sugar. It's come in handy waay more than I thought it would and it's helped a lot of people help me. Keeping safe it the most important thing.

Some links to answer questions!
What is reactive hypoglycemia?

Status Update!!
Okay so I've seen a
-cardiologist (clear from him)
-endocrinologist (cleared)
-nutritionist (I did have a meal plan and that did squat)
-MRI (all clear same with the second MRI)
-neurologist (diagnosed me with migraines, then took back that diagnosis and is now saying I'm epileptic he ordered a 24hr. EEG which I can not get until October because the insurance is being stupid)
-Ordered not to ride any roller coasters that claim they give people seizures.. -__- I'm told that's just a "percauction"
Now it's just another swing at the trial and error game...