Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Epilepsy, Migraines, and Hypoglycemia OH MY!

     There was an abnormality. 
       I went back to the neurologist for my four week check in and to go over the results of the EEG and the MRI he ordered at our last visit. The MRI came back normal. But the EEG which is a continuous scan of the brain wave activity (I think) came back with the slightest of slightest abnormalities. Which means it's not just migraines. I have indeed have had seizures. He asked my mother to leave the room so he could talk to me and told me that this means I have indeed have had seizures before, but it's not the main cause of most of my symptoms. It's only causing the days where I black out and have absolutely no clue where I am. But, he was indeed going to put me on preventative medication that not only prevents migraines but some doctors use it to prevent seizures as well. HE BELIEVED ME! You see, I had an episode about two weeks ago where I don't remember anything and I woke up the next morning with a bruise, I kid you not, six inches long (I measured it) and I counted 4 other bruises on my back. That's not normal. He realized that. He did something about it. He also added another rescue medication on top of my other on which puts the count of medication to three. Topimax is my everyday, Imitrex is the better rescue medication, and fioricet is my back up rescue. I am now set. He wants to see me in six weeks to check in again and touch base but it's a start. I'm finally getting answers and it feels amazing. 

Withdrawing from my high school
     I've finally talked my parents into letting me do online school next year. It's half online by myself and half in a classroom setting. I'm actually really excited to do this my senior year. I never liked high school for some reason so I'm hoping this is a more positive experience. And I still get to participate in Color Guard with my current school. It's like a win-win all around!

Medical ID Bracelet 
     My school nurse talked me into getting one of these when the janitor found me in the hallway passed out for the second time this year. She said it didn't have to be elaborate or anything it just had to have basics. So I ordered one last Wednesday. Little did I realize I ordered it from a site in the UK so it should be getting here anytime now. It just has my name and my mom's cell number on the back and the medical symbol on the front. I figured that was enough right? 

Okay, that's all for now. I'm hoping to get back into the groove of posting often as the Summer is starting and I will hopefully have more time. 

Keep your head up and you can do this,
Ellie <3 

PS: This song is absotutely amazing!