Sunday, January 19, 2014

Work Life


  I love where I work. Work has become something I look forward to. It's my one opportunity to get out of the house. I love the people I work with, I love what I do there. I just love work. Yes, I've have had some episodes, but we taught them how to handle it and they've been cool with it so far. Today I felt an episode coming on so I asked my lead to stand in for me. He seemed frustrated about it. I felt bad because we were really really busy and now he had to stop what he was doing and stand in for me. I walked into the break room and a manager came in and sat with me until I went out and then she pulled me out of it. That's the nice thing. I can feel them coming and give everybody a heads up, and there are ways to pull me out of an episode. I was back to my spot in less than five minutes and everything was fine. I still felt really bad because they happen a lot and I know it's probably scary for them as well. Later I was standing at a new spot where I'm off by myself. There's guests and everything, but none of my coworkers pass by very often. We have a call button that we can push in case of emergencies that connects to the office. So although I hate pushing the call button for me, I had to because I didn't want to go down in front of our guests. So once again I was rushed into the break room, went out, brought back all with in a matter of minutes. I called my mom just to let her know what was going on and my mom was frazzled because she was far away. Because we live so close to work, if they feel it's necessary one of my parents sits in the parking lot so that they can come in if need be. I asked my manager if he wanted someone to come sit, because it was really busy. They all laughed and said "no we got this handled." Hearing that was awesome. It reassured me that I wasn't being a burden. That they weren't mad at me. I can't control when my episodes happen, I can't control that they happen. They understand that and are willing to work with me and help me out when ever needed. That's good to know. Just another reason why I love where I work.

Keep your head up and keep your head up,
Ellie <3