Monday, October 7, 2013

They Could Have Found It Sooner

      I turned in my Halter Monitor yesterday and they called us with the preliminary findings today. The Halter Monitor charted the electrical pulses in my heart for 48 hours. I think that's what it did, either way it watched my heart. Well apparently it shut off with-in the first 14 hours which sucks, but they still saw
something. I don't know how to explain it but my heart triple beats and normally that wouldn't be a problem, but mine did something else when it beated the extra time that raises some eyebrows, a lot. I'm nine days away from being able to do guard because the Keppra is working! But, this heart thing if the treadmill test they want me to do shows what they think it will show... it will be no guard for Elizabeth. And that would SUCK!! UUUUUGH! This is freaking me out more than it should. I can handle medication, but I can't handle much past that. They haven't told me anything further I have to go in for another appointment, but what if they have to do some sort of surgery! I'm flippin out man! It's driving me batty and my brain is going a thousand miles an hour but I can't do anything. Like I just keep thinking of the possibilities and what they're going to tell me and I can't seem to call myself down. Why is this freaking me out so much?! Shouldn't I be used to this bad new by now? But the Keppra is working which I guess is a plus. I guess I'll just have to wait until the next appointment.

Keep your head up and just keep calm,
Ellie <3