Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tagging On A Low

It's not something I tell people flat out. It doesn't come up in a normal conversation. It lives in my purse when I go out and only sees the light of day when my body decides it wants to. Medically I don't share this with a lot of people. I'm an idependent person who has trusted a few select people to know the details of what to do during a serious low blood sugar and then that was that. There's no walking up to people and being like "hey I have a medical condition blah blah blah." No. I keep it to myself unless I have to tell people. Like yesterday. My cousin had her birthday party at a place called laser quest. It was a laser tag birthday party and you can bet I dominated. I'm beast at laser tag and came out of the first round in 6th place. Or 2nd with the party I was with. One of our family friends and I are really competitive. He pesters me I pester right back. We get pretty serious when it comes to talking smack. Well after the first game I was shaky, dizzy, and really tired which just isn't normal for me. I walked out to the car to grab my purse and testing kit. I sat there in the sun drinking a juice box treating a 54. I walked back in and kinda gravitated towards the corner in a silent daze. Well the family friend came over to talk smack for the second game and my heart just wasn't in it. I sat there half playing along half concentrating on doing carb to blood sugar ratio math and half concentrating on not falling asleep. 15 minutes later I was being forced into a second laser match with out getting a chance to retest or take something fast acting with me. I was just thrown in. I teamed up with a little girl who has known me her entire life, but never knew about the whole blood sugar thing. She thought that when I sat down I was just resting because of the intensity of the game, not because I couldn't feel my feet. Finally 15 minutes was up and I was out at debriefing waiting for my crappy score. Minutes later we were singing happy birthday, and eating lunch and it got so hot and stuffy inside the party room that me and a couple other people went outside to eat on the curb and get a little fresh air. That's when it happened. The question. "Why aren't you fighting back." He asked me (the pestering one). I replied with my sarcastic "you were being mean" line. Then I said, "no actually I was at the point like I was feeling faint and dizzy and I really didn't want to talk to anybody at the time." Blank face. "I have hypoglycemia, my body produces to much insulin, or at least that's what they think, my blood sugar dropped low between games and I didn't really have a good chance to correct it." He understood. Somebody he worked with had diabetes, type one. He knew about low blood sugar and them having to treat lows, he didn't know I was in that state or he would have left me alone. He knew. That was a rare response to that type of conversation, but it was nice to know somebody didn't have to be 100% educated. They already knew. I probably should have told him earlier because there house is on my way to the bus stop and if I ever had an emergency that would be the closest place to go, but they know know. I'm fine and I still got a higher score at laser tag. Just goes to show tagging on a low is never good, but everything can still turn out okay.

Keep your head up and your lasers ready,
Ellie <3

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