Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Constants

     Life is like algebra. Every day is an equation you have to find the answer to. I, almost failing algebra last year, am not very good at solving everyday equations or finding a constant to replace a variable. But sometimes when everyday turns monotonous and variables are supposed to be what fills your day with excitement,  the constants turn into the only thing that keeps you holding on at night. When you feel like you've reached your limit you turn to the things you know how to do to bring even the tiniest sliver of suspense into your day. Usually my constants are well... constant, but lately they've all gone out of wack. It's annoying when three times in one day a low blood sugar pops up onto the screen. Sure they can be all 60's but they suck. Being low has become a constant. The variable is when and how long it lasts and how long until the next one hits. I don't know about you, but this is not the kind of suspense I want in my life. In the words of Katy Perry; "Days like this I want to drive away, pack my bags and watch your shadow fade." Sometimes when I listen to that song I just want to shout "Preach it Katy!" But that would be awkward so I refrain from doing so. One thing I know for sure is I have to reinvent the way I fight this. I have to change my variables back into things I can handle, and my constants back into things I can live with.

  • I've found new ways to treat lows. I started getting tired of Luna Bars and juice boxes, so I've started using peanut butter crackers and nerds. (I still use my juice box for super wonky lows) 
  • I've been going to sleep earlier so maybe I can wake up a little more energized.
  • I exercise nightly (or at least try) on top of color guard.
  • And I've learned to let lows roll off my back. I have a strong group of people who know sometimes we just have to laugh about it. 
  • And just switch it up. I'm a routined person. Everything happens at the exact same time the exact same way. I'm trying with everything I have to pry away from that and try new things. 
     It's just the little things that I'm hoping will pull me out of what ever funk I'm in. So if you're in a funk I encourage you to try the new things. They may just be little things, but maybe they'll help. I don't know maybe it's a long shot. But I'm willing to try. 

Keep your head up and pull out of the funk,
Ellie <3 

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