Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a Day With NO LOWS Should Look Like:

It's oddly ironic how people expect me to let hypoglycemia define me and yet I can with stand it and have a perfectly normal day with absolutely no lows and finger sticks to prove it. This is my life hypoglycemia just lives in it. 

The world's cutest origami ear rings my best friend made me for Christmas!! 

Everyday should include GLITTER PROJECTS

This is my partner in crime. You'll be seeing a lot of her today. 

A glitterfull mess. The wind was breezy too so it made for a glittery backyard! AWESOME!! 

You know, I just like hanging out in cat hats. Pssh nothing unusual here. 

Just chillin eatin frozen yogurt in an icecream chair. No biggy. 

We enjoy tree/ raccoon hugging in this family. 

Totally relived my earlier days by building a fort. Who said I need juice boxes to feel like a kid?! 

You know I like eating cheeze nips out of an 11 year old cup. Nothin irregular bout that is there??

 Well, that was my day. Sid and I did just about everything you could possibly do in one day. Just goes to show all the nonbelievers out there we can have normal days. Finger sticks, and snacks are part of our normal, we can be amazing all on our own and defeat the odds.

Keep your head up and your glitter coming,
Love Ellie <3 from:

Yes I glittatized it!

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