Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Chronicles Of My Walk Home

10:55- Bus Ride
I sit there listening to my Ipod a new song a just bought. I fight with every last effort I have to stay awake. I was sweating when it was 64 degrees outside. I sat shaking alone in the seat. Staring out at the cars that were not spinning around in circles. My mind was fuzzy, but my thoughts were still racing. I don't understand why people are staring at me. Why my breath is so labored.

11:00- One stop before mine
I pull out my meter for my routine check as we pull up to their stop. I shakily pull out my kit and open the bottle in which my test strips were laying. I slip it into the slot in the meter and try my best to subside the dizziness as I drop the blood onto the plastic. I succeed. 1 second turns into 3 and then 5 as the number pops onto the screen. 53. I should have known what was coming. I lazily pulled out my emergency juice box scared about the walk home in this state. I reach for the straw supposedly stuck to the side of the juice. It's gone. I search. The bottom of my bag, the sides of the boxes, everywhere. I gave up and threw the box back into my bag.

11:05- One last effort of search
I search for ANYTHING! Granola bar, smarties, ANYTHING. Nothing. I reach into grab my phone to tell my mom what was going on and I felt a wrapper. Hope. I picked up the wrapper. Flash back. I bought a ring pop because I wanted a treat to walk home with. I completely forgot about it. I rip the package and start licking it. I begin my trek home. 10 minute walk. I can do this. I know the route like the back of my hand. I stagger home like I'm drunk. I can't walk in a straight line. I continue licking. I'm walking on the road right now and I now for my safety I need to get onto the dirt path on the other side of the road. I don't look both ways. I just run. I continue walking. I come to a puddle. Covers the entire path up to the road and is three inches deep but only 6 inches wide.
"Jump Elizabeth Jump. It's a minor push off the ground land on the other side. Jump Elizabeth" I tell myself. I don't. I walk right through it.

11:10- home
There's still no sign of a rise when I reach my front door. I make my way to the freezer and take out a frozen dinner. I stuff it in the microwave. I call my mom trying to hide the panic.

11:35- writing to you
I'm now on the rise. I don't know what could have happened today or what would have happened, but it didn't. I came home safe. A few scratches and a soggy shoe, but I made it. All because I wanted a treat when I walk home. 75 cents later I'm still alive. I just want you guys to be ready for anything. Be a boy scout... be prepared. Maybe bring a straw or a smarties. What ever works for you. Just be prepared and stay safe.

Good luck on your last day of finals tomorrow!

Keep your head up and straws NOT LOST,
Ellie <3

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