Monday, January 16, 2012

My Secondary Family

I have my family that I'm really related to. They're amazing trust me, but that can't even begin to compare to my secondary family at school. They are the ones that keep me going and smiling even when I really don't want to.
  We'll call her Tweety Bird (to protect her identity). She's one of the sweetest nicest people you will ever meet. She can always make you smile and she knows what I'm going through. She will always be there if you want to talk and even though she's a red head I swear she's blond like me underneath. She's amazing and I'm proud to call her my sister. <3

We'll call her Blossom. Blossom and I really became amazing friends about the beginning of last year and we're more like sisters now. :D She's a shy one on the outside, but as soon as you really get to know her she's amazingly talented, funny, sarcastic and all around one of the best people I know. She will always make you smile and is willing to ditch with you (we've joked about it, never really have). She's an amazing person to know and I'm proud to call her my sister too! <3

We'll call her Sully. Because she has the best advice EVER!! You can come to her for anything. She will keep you sane and fend off evil annoying people if she has to. She's amazing! She's also the one that keep an extra packet of frosting on just in case of emergency and is the one that reminds me to literally breath when I stop (another story for later.) She's the best.

We'll call him Bugs. He's like my older brother. He's mister cool at school and everybody knows him, but he'll always show up out of nowhere to give you the best hugs when your crying. He's got the best advice and is willing to be late to third period to pray with you. He has a way of making  you feel safe and is not afraid to tell some one off if the try to hurt you. He's a great big brother I never really had.

We'll call him Taz. I've only known him for a little bit, but he's become an amazing friend. He also gives amazing hugs and is willing to chase you for two blocks to make sure you're okay when you run away from your house crying hysterically. He's a great friend you can always talk to.

So there you have it. My secondary family that I love to pieces and soo blessed to have!!! They make like at school tolerable and help me get through things in everyday life! I have a secondary family... do you?

Keep your head up and your family close,
Ellie <3

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