Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things To Keep In Mind When Going Camping (Hypoglycemic style)

In my adventures of camping last weekend I found some new information that I feel the need to share with you all...
-first always check before you ride!! Call me a dummy for just now learning that one, but hey gotta catch on sometime.
-I carried a juice box and a granola bar in my jacket for oops that dropped fast emergencies. Only had to use the granola bar once, but it really did help.
-Always let some one know where you're riding especially if you're riding alone. I was gone often alone. I've got a really good sense of direction so my parents were never worried about if I was going to find my way back I was more worried if I would still have that sense of direction if I were to go low... turns out I do.
-If you're going to dance around the fire like a maniac to Black Eyed Peas you better make sure your phone is safely secured. My dad's phone fell in the fire... surprisingly it lived to tell the story.
-If you got a new helmet for Christmas make your cousin go get his own he will fall off a hill and fall off the bike. (I mean I'm glad he's okay, but I was worried about my helmet... surprisingly it lived to tell the tale too.)
-And lastly if you're like me and you find yourself racing a train on foot (from a safe distance) just to see if you can keep up make sure you have good shoes on. Mine flew off and I almost sprained my ankle.
Well that's all the updates I have for now. Be Safe And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Keep your head up and your helmet safe,
Ellie <3

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