Friday, January 6, 2012

My Adventures with School

Sooo... the other day I was in guard...
That's what a final guard show looks like. 

and I felt low. Buuut I was 89 when we started class so I bucked up and kept going. Until... I fell 
None of these are me, but you get the point. 

A thought went through my head "hmm maybe you're low." So I double checked
What a magical number huh? 

Anyway. I walked to the nurse in my sweats and with an air head who I don't think could save me if something happened on my way up there let alone run to her next class if she had to. I know, I was pretty much writing my death wish then. Well I made it. I drank my juice box and ate my granola bar. I don't know if you know this, but when I go low the last thing I want people asking me is "how are you feeling?" and  "are you okay?" I'm 30 freaking 4 how do you think I am? Well... the lunch bell rang and I was still only 50. Grand right? They sent a student aid who could walk with out falling to get my back pack and my jeans (i was wearing sweats you dirty gutter minded people!) When she came back with my things I had to walk with the nurse to get my pizza. How embarrassing. But she's one of the nicest people ever so we had a pleasant conversation during our walk about lunch. (Random topic, I know.) So I buy my noodles (didn't have enough money for pizza... smh.) So when I got back another diabetic at our school was just bolusing for his lunch. Evidently he ussually eats in the nurses office. When he and the nurse finished he looked over at my flushed face and shakey hands, he actually knows I'm hypoglycemic. So he asked me how my day was going. I told him I've had better. The nurse looks at me rolls her eyes and turns back to him... "Don't let her fool you she's 34." I have never see anyone's eyes get so wide. 
His eyes are kinda bugging out... 

"On rough days I drop to about 40's. How did you manage to drop so low?!" He asked politelyish. 
"Guess it just takes awesomeness." I answered shrugging. That was that. It was over all an okay day. Minus the fact that I dropped again after school and spent all my money on noodles for lunch other than that I have nothing negative to say. Now you have a look at what my adventures at school entail. Don't get me wrong I love the nurses at my school and the diabetic I talked to at lunch is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet I just thought I'd share my story with you. Cuz I'm just. that. awesome. 

Keep your head up and your stories comin,
Ellie <3 

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