Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Visited my doctor today and we reviewed our attack plan for the causes of all the low blood sugars. Even though I'm labeled as a hypoglycemic we're really not sure what's up. So this is our new plan of attack. I got a refferal to see a endocrinologist and a cardiac specialist. The endo is pretty much self explanatory, but they are worried that my constant state of dizziness is due my heart having an extra beat or some shiz like that. We are waiting for my refferals to be cleared with my insurance and then we'll go from there. At this point we're looking at a few blood tests from the endo and possibly a 24 hour heart monitory thingy ma bob to watch my heart rate. I don't know. Anyway. That's my update on the doctors. Please keep me in your prayers as I hack my way through this.

Keep your head up and your holiday season merry,
Ellie <3 

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