Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Is The Wold Coming To?

Woke up this morning after staying up til 2:00 baby sitting last night and I was tired, but there were no signs of what was coming ahead. Went to church and started fading out after church I tested and I was 27! The endo wants me to test and wait 15 mins before correcting and test again to see the difference. No I corrected. Now my mom is mad at me because I didn't wait the 15 mins. I've been hovering in the 40's all morning and NOTHING has been bringing them up. I felt fine until after I corrected the first 27 then I felt like I got trampled by four bulls... twice. My legs are still shaky and I'm still super dizzy, but I have to make it to the store I only have 5 strips left. I know awesome right? I have to stand on my own if I'm ever going to make it through this not just literally, but theoretically also. Here goes nothing.

Keep your head up and your feet firmly on the ground cuz honestly it hurts to get dizzy and fail... again,
Ellie <3

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