Friday, December 16, 2011

Adding To The List

Went to my first endo appointment today... It went okay. We're adding more tests to the lists and some more random stuff too. Here's what I'm up to now.

-cardiologist on Monday
-MRI brain scan was ordered by the endo this morning to look for SEIZURES!! (umm yeah that freaks me out a little)
-if neither the endo or the cardiologist finds anything I'm off to see a neurologist.

All over the Christmas break. I'm glad we're taking a step forward in the right direction, but I'm upset it's ruining my Christmas break and I'm scared. None of my friends really know what I'm going through and someone who is supposed to be like my best friend was telling me all these scary things about seizures. Even though the likely hood of me having seizures is small and limited it still scares me to think about. I guess it's back to the hurry up and wait game. Merry Christmas guys!

Keep your head up and scary thought out of your mind,
Ellie <3

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