Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Off To Africa (or so it seems)

Every Monday night with out fail (unless there was no school) I go to guard rehearsals. Now don't get me wrong I. Love. Guard. But it's considered a strenuous activity by my doctor which means extra precautions, which also means packing a purse with enough stuff to last me on a trip to Africa and back.
-meter and all of it's awesome supplies.
-3 energy bars
-2 juice boxes
-1 emergency dollar in quarters
-band-aids up the ying-yang
-emergency contact card
-some type of filling snack that's under 25 carbs, but over 15.
-frosting gel

and all the precautions.
-test every water break or every two hours (which ever comes 1st)
-eat a decent meal before and after
-make sure instructors know
-eat one snack every hour and a half
-sit out for at least 15mins when I'm low or feel faint
-make sure some one else knows where all my emergency things are located and what to do. In this case it's usually Sully.

Yup, and there's more, but why confuse you??

Keep your head up and your trips to Africa at a minimal,
Ellie <3

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