Monday, February 6, 2012

This is the box. The box we are all defined by. The box that inside it you're in your comfort zone, your element. This is the box where anything outside of it feels like an annoyance a stretch beyond such limited boundaries you feel as though you might break something crossing over that line. This is the box. As people we all have to take a step outside that box every once and a while. I have to do it all the time and sometimes when I step outside of my box people are excepting, but other times people are rude and not educated enough to know that you don't necessarily want to be outside that box. When I test anywhere outside of the nurses office or put a dab of frosting gel on my finger to eat because I don't have anything else to treat a potential low people give me looks. Those looks hurt, but it's a big part of getting yourself outside that box. Sometimes it's hard to get yourself on the outside, trust me I know. But once you get outside that box other people feel more comfortable because they know what's going on. Just talk to people sometimes they're stepping out of their box too.

Keep your head up and one foot outside the box at all times,
Ellie <3

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