Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Another Morning In A Hotel Room With Two Other People While Looking Drunk And Them Not Knowing What's Really Going On So It Ends Up Being Awkward For All Of Us

      I had to be downstairs eating breakfast by 9:00 or the van was going to leave with out us. My plan was to get up at 8:30 and get ready from there, but something was forcing me up. It wasn't my two room mates who were up and moving, no that didn't bother me. It wasn't the fact that it was cold, because I was actually really warm a little to warm maybe. It wasn't the fact that I was excited to start the day, if anything I wanted more sleep. And it wasn't the fact that I thought I was going to be late, because I planed that morning out so perfectly. It was the fact that my body recognized something my brain didn't. I was low. My body would force me to open my eyes and try to show my brain all the signs. But, my tired brain would fight back saying I needed more sleep that going to bed at midnight wasn't one of my better ideas. Three times about 15 minutes apart I was betrayed by my body and forced against my will to open my eyes. They all at once the wave of symptoms washed over me. I wanted nothing more than to push my room mates out into the hallway with out a key and shut the hotel room door, I wanted all the lights to be turned off and there to be absolutely no sound. I wanted every one to stop saying good morning and for my head to stop throbbing. I wanted to turn the air down to 57 degrees and let myself freeze because I was pouring sweat. I wanted the room to stop spinning and my hands to stop shaking and I really wanted to tell my bladder it did not have to go pee right that second. I rolled out of bed almost literally, catching myself with my hands before my head had a chance to collide with the floor. I lazily crawled my way over to my bag to grab my juice box that had been kept in there for just in case emergencies. I wanted to crawl up in a ball and sleep more. So I did. I let the straw hang from my dry lips and slowly sip the sugary contents as I curled up in a ball and shut my eyes. This only lasted a few seconds as it is very difficult to drink juice while laying down. I propped myself up against a wall so I didn't have the chance to fall over. I finished the juice box and threw myself back at the bed. I wanted nothing more than another hour of sleep. But my little low caused me to be fifteen minutes behind my original schedule. I still made it downstairs in time, and I did recover quickly it's just those moments when you know you look like you're drunk are not some of my favorites. We did have a great time this weekend and I'm so blessed I had the opportunity to go, it's just the lows couldn't have given me one weekend to myself without acting up.

Keep your head up and your juice boxes near,
Ellie <3

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