Friday, February 17, 2012

The Toilet Paper Wars


In the world of all things great and small, knowing which way to hang toilet paper is pretty tricky business. Everyone has an opinion on the matter.

Puritantical powder-room people claim that, "God made toilet paper to roll only one way" (from the outside of the dispenser naturally). On the other hand, left-wing lavatory folks insist that TP must fall from inside the dispenser. And finally, there's the sanitary secularist centrist crowd who couldn't give a sweet tweet which way the TP falls as long as there is some in the throne room.

In the great scheme of things, knowing how to install a toilet paper roll correctly can save your butt and your marriage, if not enhance your chances for promotion and that elusive golden key to the executive tinkle pantry!

God only knows what will happen to you if you get it wrong!!

Despite recent posts I wanted to lighten things up a bit... Here's the current debate that is splitting our family in half. (Metaphorically not literally.) The toilet paper.

I've always been an under person. The toilet paper must be under never over so is my mom. But my dad and my brother disagree. So when I'm bored I'll go through the house and change all the toilet paper rolls to under. Then get locked outside by my dad while he flips them all back over and then he'll let me back in. Meanie I tell you! Is this a problem in your house or is it just me?? Hmmm these are the questions that plague me. Now for some pictures from last weekend.

Keep your head up and your toilet paper under,
Ellie <3

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