Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just A Bunch Of Randomness Thrown Into One Post About A Bunch Of Randomness! ;D

Happy November! Guess what guys we made it! October was a really hard month, but we did it. That was a giant hurdle for me,you can see why here, but I made it. Today is now November 1, 2011. OOOR 11/1/11 haha funny to say. :) Anyways... Today marks the beginning of National Diabetes Awareness Month. Now I don't have Type 1, but I have friends and family that do and I want to help raise as much awareness as I can until they find a cure! One way is by participating in Blue Fridays! This is where every Friday in November you wear blue. That's it as simple as that. I'm totally in! 
     Besides making it to November I've also been busy finishing up October. Here is a lil recap.
I got a temporary tattoo. :) 

I went on a trip to California, my first trip since my diagnosis. 

I curled my hair. And was UBER proud of that amazing curl right there! 

Oh! And I beat my bro at 3-D hopscotch. (We fell... a lot.)

       Yeah I think that's about it. Don't forget to wear blue EVERY FRIDAY IN NOVEMBER!

Keep your head up and thinkin blue,
Ellie <3

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