Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Get To Know Me!

Hello there. I have decided to provide you with a little relief from the daily grind today and tomorrow and maybe the next day. I'm starting a let's get to know me session that will last til the end of this week. Each day I will pick three random conversation starter questions, and answer them. You may get bored of this and if that does happen... tough nuggies I'm gonna do it anyway.

1. Who's the most famous person you've met?
Answer: I've met all four members of one of my favorite bands, Group One Crew, they really inspired me and it was an amazing experience. I've also met both senators for Nevada although I don't know how "famous" you would consider them. Yeah... I don't get around to much.

2. Who do I have on speed dial?
answer: Umm I'm not even sure how to set the speed dial on my phone. So no one right now. I've never really used speed dial or my contact list, I've always just remembered the important numbers.

3.Do I recycle?
answer: I never used to. Back before recycling was really the BIG thing to do. My family went to SeaWorld and went to see the Balooga Whale (how in the world do you spell balooga?!) They said that they were going extinct and it was because of all the plastic bags in the ocean. They also said that by recycling just one garbage bag you can save the equivalent of one balooga whale's tale. That caught my attention. When we got home I forced everyone in my family to start recycling. EVERYONE! I had signs and pictures and posters up all over the house telling my parents we needed to save the balooga whales. Now it's just become second nature. We've saved TONS of whales! So the answer to this question is yes I do recycle.

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