Friday, October 28, 2011

Where's the Symptoms? I found the symptoms.

I have never, in my entire six months of testing dropped below the 50s. And when I do drop into the 50s you can tell from a mile away. Which is why tonight was weird. I had been hanging in the 70s and 80s all night which isn't bad I was quite happy. I tested right before I went out on the field for our last performance at a game this year and I was 70. I ate my first glucose tab ever (it tasted and smelt like soap) and was on my way. 10 minutes later I could tell I was just kinda off. So I tested again. I was still 70. I had another glucose tab and continued on my way. All the symptoms were slowly disappearing as time went on until it was like I was back to my normal self. Tonight we were performing twice though so we had to go get ready. I retested after 15 minutes and was taken back by the two numbers that flashed across the screen. 48. I couldn't figure it out. Besides the shaking from the cold I felt okayish. I still had the headache that lasts forever after I correct a low, but I was fine. I didn't perform a second time for fear I could hurt myself, But I did think of the aforementioned youtube song where's the chap stick... although I changed the words in my head to where's the symptoms.
Keep your head up and your chap stick close,
Ellie <3

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