Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make It To November

If I can just make it to November. Everything starts getting magically better in November. I get my permit, I go on vacation, I have out of state band competitions, and I'm SUPER excited. But, it seems like November is soooo far away. There is still two months of homework, managing blood sugars, room cleaning, school, work, not acting like a complete hoolagin, I have to compose myself for almost a month. HOW IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN?! Last Thanksgiving 4 of us kids got super bored and we decided we wanted Slurpees from 7-11. So off we went with $20 and one cellphone. Something all the adults for got to tell us was that there was no 7-11 in Suprise, Arizona. So we walked for 2 hours looking for a 7-11. We passed McDonalds, Arbys, a gas station, but never a 7-11. It was the longest 7-11 search I have ever been on! But, I brought back so many memories that weekend and I learned something too. To have something to look forward to like 7-11 or November, but use the journey as a learning experience remember the moments that stuck out to you on the road to November and be glad when you've made it through. We never did find a 7-11, but stopped at Arbys for chocolate shakes and curly fries. :)

Keep up your search for a 7-11,
Ellie <3

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