Friday, September 30, 2011

Oddly Ironic

This is what I named my blog for many reasons, but mostly because I find it oddly ironic that this would happen to me... My family was always telling me I ate to much sugar and that I need to cut back, but then this happens and everyone is suddenly telling me I need to eat more. People were always telling me the more sugar I ate the more of a chance I would get diabetes and that I need to be careful. Now I have something as close as you can get to diabetes and can evidently lead to Type 2 according to some people and I haven't had a chocolate bar in soooo long. When all this started happening I thought I could reverse it by eating healthier. It hasn't happened yet, but I lost a lot of weight and I feel better than when this whole thing started. I guess that's ironic too. Something horrible has done so many good things in my life. It's weird for me to think that I could have gotten so many positive things out of downing juice boxes and checking blood sugar. It just keeps me thinking what else can I do with this? I plan on signing up a team for the JDRF walk in Vegas on November 18th to help all my friends with diabetes and to just keep my head up, because it's easier to see where you're going with your head up in my opinion. So that's my rant today and the explanation for why Oddly Ironic. :)

Keep your head up,
Ellie <3

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