Saturday, September 28, 2013

My First Night Out

     It sucks that I can't drive, because if I want to do anything I have to mooch a ride off of someone else and then they have to stay there because let's face it, I can't do anything alone. So I really wanted to go to laser tag because I haven't been in a while and everyone was starting to worry about me there. My best friend works there now and I felt really bad asking her to go on her day off, but she went with me. Last night was my first time away from my family in a really long time it was almost freeing. We went out for coffee with two of the guys that worked there. I've never had coffee before and I didn't realize that the drink I ordered had coffee so that just started the night off on a great foot. I've haven't been so comfortable with being me in a really long time. Yes, I did black out a few times and they asked questions, but it became just a background thing. By the end of the night the two guys became so protective of me going into games and making sure I came out and when I went low one of them forced me to drink lemonade and when I came back up they snuck me into the vesting room to make sure I made the next game with the rest of the group. Before these guys were just people I saw every once and a while when I came to play a few games. But accepted me into the group and gave my best friend a break from constantly having to watch me, which I think she was thankful for. I'm glad my parents let me hang out with them until midnight because spending time outside of the family, not having to talk about health problems all night and answer questions, and just being able to be myself was exactly what I needed to pull me out of this monotonous funk I was in. I was also wearing the Halter Monitor and carrying the pack in my back pocket. So you can see the 7 lead wires sticking out of my shirt and going into my back pocket and only one person asked me what it was! It's really hard to play laser tag with 7 wires attached to your chest by the way, but I managed it. :) As soon as I'm able to get a job again I'm going to apply there because they're all really nice. I hope you're weekend is just as fantabulous!

Keep your head up and keep smiling,
Ellie <3

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