Sunday, September 22, 2013

Elliot The Elephant

     Elliot the Elephant. He's become my new companion. There's a story behind this little guy, and by golly you're gonna want to hear this. A few weeks ago my Grandma and I went shopping. I found this elephant for $2.00. So I carried him around so I could buy him. Well I blacked out on the ground and the clerk was the first one to find me. Well she and my Grandma started yelling at each other about whether or not to call 911. When I woke up the lady was pinning me down against the floor. I told her to get off of me and let me go, but she just held me down tighter. So with out a second thought I took the elephant that was still in my hand and I smacked her across the face with it.. she let go of me. I handed her three dollars from my purse and walked out.
     Elliot has been by my side every step of the way since then. When I come out of these episodes I'm scared, I'll admit to it. Especially when there are people I don't know involved. Elliot has protected me once by getting the lady to get off of me, in my mind he can do it again. It's sad I know. I'm 17 years old I shouldn't be so dependent on the stuffed animal. But he's been there. Last Tuesday I had what they classify as a grand mal seizure. What I would call a time to just call it quits. I woke up and my brother was the only one home so he called my grandparents. Why he didn't call 911 I will never know. But it was bad. Elliot the elephant was the only thing that could calm me down enough to talk my brother through what to do it it happened again. And it did. It was a bad night and the elephant was with me the whole time. I call that friendship. I'm going back to the neurologist tomorrow to see what to do next, but until than Elliot the elephant and I will be keeping close to cushioned ground because having a full on seizure hurts your head.. just take my word for it. So what makes you feel safe?

Keep your head up and I highly recommend not smacking anyone with a stuffed animal they tend to not appreciate that,
Ellie <3

And just for your video enjoyment... :D Enjoy.

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