Friday, September 21, 2012

The Point Of No Return

          I need one of these. A button to push when all else fails would be amazing! Lately I have been having these freak panic attacks not to many of them have been too serious, but there have been a few. My brain will get mentally all worked up about one thing or another and then it just keeps rolling down hill from there until I reach the point of no return. I find myself freaking out with my heart racing, my hands tingling and my breathing becomes short and shallow and a few times my breathing has just flat out stops. My a few of my friends have been amazing and have learned to watch for the early warning signs of an attack and will walk me through it, but I can't always depend on them. In the end I have to keep myself breathing, I am in charge of me. When I do notice I'm mentally panicking I try to pull myself out of the situation, like if I'm in the middle of lunch I try to go out in the hallway where there are less people. I notice that I rub my fingers together when they get tingly and I get really really over heated. I've learned. I don't know why these are happening and what's stressing me out so much, but I know that in the past two weeks I've had at least 10 minor attacks and 3 big ones. They're scary and it's getting to the point where I don't want to trust myself alone, but like always I will conquer this and I will keep living my life. So if you've ever had a panic attack and have some suggestions on getting through it PLEASE share them with me because I'm a little worried right now.

Keep your head up and your panic button close,
Ellie <3

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