Monday, August 20, 2012

The Uphill Battle And The Bloopers In Life

     Today's post will be a multiple posts in one post, post. Does that make sense??? No one? ookay then never mind. 

     Summer is such an easy going time of the year. You're done with school, you can hang out, eat when ever you need to, go places when ever you need to, it's all fun and games until the school years starts. I've started my countdown.We only have 7 days left of Summer. This is both exciting and completely unnerving. I'm excited to get back to the new school year, I'm excited to see my friends and start up marching season. But with all of that comes the constant flow of math, and numbers, and carb counts, and purchasing of frosting for me and the nurse, and getting last minute orders faxed in from the doctor, and packing snacks and guesstimating my schedule based on last year's events. I'm excited, but worried. What would you call that exerried? (Nevermind erase that horrible word from your memory.) The beginning of the school year is always such an uphill battle. It's always me and my body fighting against the rest of the world. And although there are other people who are going through the same thing, maybe even worse, none of my family knows what it's like to go through this every.. single.. year. So I'll start this school year with my head held high and my bg completely out of whack and I will conquer.

     Oh hey. It turns out I'm allergic to freakin cinnamon!!!!!!!!!!!!  I found this out the other night while making cookies, amazing cookies might I add and when I was finished I, like always, licked the bowl.(I mean who doesn't right?) Anyway I haven't made this type of cookie in a few years so I licked a lot of the bowl because it was good. And then my tongue started itching, and then a few minutes later my eyes started watering, and you could just start to see my tongue swelling just a bit, but I didn't think much of it. Until my breathing became shallow and my throat started feeling like it was closing in. *caugh caugh* still couldn't breath, throat still feeling like it was closing. Maybe you should go take a benedrill, my mother told me.But see I can't swallow pills so I stayed put until she shoved it down my still closing throat. Soo umm I guess I'm allergic to cinnamon now..

     Sometimes life is all about letting go and trying new things. Like not worrying or just not caring (unless it's important than you should care.) You see that girl behind me. Her name is TooClazzy. Okay that's not her name, but ya'll don't really need to know it. Anyway she's one of my besties who has a great sense of humor. She always made fun of my new product Dex4. I bought it one day while shopping and decided it might come in useful for band camp. Today it did. On the bottle it says boosts lows fast and boosts energy. Well, I was low... like very low and when you're that low you tend to get picky about food (or at least I do). So when I was sitting on the field with a 38 I opened up the bottle and began to sip, it wasn't that it tasted bad, it just didn't taste like I wanted it to at that moment so I went back to my juice box. Well TooClazzy came over and was like hey that boosts energy? Can I have the rest? And I was like I really don't care. She thought it was the greatest thing EVER. It was seriously funny and made me laugh which is good when you're chillin at a 38 in the middle of 110 degree whether OUTSIDE!!
What ever happens...
always keep your head up and your smile on (and if you're me... stay away from cinnamon),
Ellie <3

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