Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Know You've Had A Great Weekend When...

-You can go out for two hours on a quad and people could care less about where you are.
-You don't ride with gloves so you get blisters on both your thumbs from gassing and breaking
-You get an ugly tan from the band-aids you put over the blisters on your thumbs
-You get in the back of a jeep to go pick up part of your group that ran out of gas and end up scaling mountains
-You put your life in the hands of a ten year old driving your quad that's 4 times bigger than her
-You have to reach over her to break abruptly because your brother cut you off
-When a random guy rides up telling you 1/2 of your group is walking back to camp five miles away because they ran out of gas and you have to internally debate on going and helping them or just leaving them to walk.
-When your mom forces you to eat a smore because you're low and she doesn't want to put up with your attitude any longer.
When you're grandma won't speak to you because you're covered in dirt.
-When your brother who left with a green shirt on comes back painted beige with dirt because he does not know how to drive slow.
-When your father has to come rescue you and your mother and you hiked to far up the mountain and really don't want to walk all the way back.
-When you get out of the truck back at home and have to walk like an old man to the house because you're so sore from riding.

Keep your head up and your amazing weekends coming,
Ellie <3

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