Friday, March 9, 2012

Time Ticks By...

There was a low. 52. It's low, but ya know I've walked home in the 30's before... don't remember half of it and I think I've passed out, but a 52 I can handle. I ate a tootsie roll 5 minutes before my stop, and a juice box to make double sure I was on the up and up as I left the bus to walk home. A block away from my house my toes started tingling. I retested 50. Obviously the juice box was not helping what so ever and I might as well have just skipped the tootsie roll because that had no effect either. So there I was on the side of the road left to ponder how I was going to handle this one. I wasn't scared like I've said, I've walked home lower. It was just weird how I can bring a 40 up in less than ten minutes with a juice box and a smarties and my 52 wasn't budging it was actually going in the opposite direction. So I debated, in my head of course which plan of action I was going to take. I went back to my ratios. 15:10. 80-50= 30, 30/15=2. I needed two 15 carb snacks rather soon. (Yes, I am rather good at math in my head when I'm low. Rather surprising actually.) So I dug out two more tootsie rolls. 14 carbs each, 14+14=28, meeh close enough. So I eat they were delicious btw. I get home, yes I made it home don't act all surprised. Retested. For sure I'll be busting through 90's maybe even breaking into the low 100's. Not even close. 59. Well crap this kinda sucks. Now the head ache was setting in. Uhg. I throw some spaghetti o's into a bowl and almost punched the microwave. Needless to say, I was a little frustrated. I shoved them into my mouth and waited the 15 minutes. 64. By now it was almost 2:45, my first check was at 1:30. Okay I have at least 80 carbs into my system maybe I can just ride this one out. 30 minutes later my riding at a 69. Well for the love of God will my body just do its job so I can get on with my life. A juice box and 2 oreos later I'm sitting steady at 94. I'll take it. 3 and a half hours later I'm slowly getting over the low hangover and moving on. It's just frustrating.

Keep your head up and level headed,
Ellie <3

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