Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conversations That I Ponder LOONG After They're Over

I'm really stupid. I just am. Sometimes my conversations with people are so random or stupid or to any other normal person they would just seem off the wall, that some of them leave me thinking. And I've decided I'm going to share some of those conversations with you and maybe we can ponder them together?

Today In chem:
Me:what did we do yesterday??
Her: Weren't you here yesterday?
Me:Physically yes... mentally no.

-Random yes. Insane yes. True? Yes.

Today with my designated if I fall on the floor you're the only one besides the nurse who knows how to properly save me person: (on the football field during the hard lock down drill)
Her: Where is your emergency bag? Aren't you supposed to have it on you during these types of things?
Me: At home on my bed.
Her: Don't you to ALWAYS bring it.
Me: Yes.
Her: So why isn't it here?
Me: Because it was tired and needed to sleep in thus making it late for school and then it just didn't have a ride so it stayed home.
Her: You're stupid. But I love you... so don't die.
Me: Got it.

-true story.

Yesterday while while correcting a low with gummy bears:
Her: You're not supposed to be eating that.
Me: And you're not supposed to be annoying and yet, here you are (I'm grouchy when I'm low)
Her: I think I should take that from you.
Me: And right now I think you should shove it... (I was called away from the conversation probably for the better too.)

-true? Yes. Would I have finished my sentence? The world may never know...

Keep your head up and your conversations level headed,
Ellie <3

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