Friday, March 16, 2012

One Of The Benefits

Monday night at guard I was dropping low, I could feel it, but knowing there was three minutes left until a water break I pushed through it. When I tested at the water break it revealed a 57. I wasn't in the mood for a juice box so I grabbed a dollar and asked my instructor if I could walk to the vending machine. He sounded a little annoyed as this has happened many atimes and I just kind of ignored his attitude and moved forth in correcting my low. Well the next day I decided to talk to him about it and explain that as hard as I try to control it, I can't and there's only so much I can do. I walked up to him and said I felt like he was a little annoyed with me. And he came back really apologetic saying he was just "really worried as my face was super pale and my eyes were evidently really dilated." He also said he "understands I don't use it as an excuse and that I can always sit out if I feel the need." Cool. We were all on the same page now and I felt better knowing that I was never in trouble for my lows. Well, Thursday was a competition day. We were hosting it so him and a couple of us were hanging out in the gym. He asked me concerned about my blood sugar and I said it was fine. He was like "well I brought candy so you just have to let me know!" Well as we were warming up that o-so-usual feeling kicked in and I stepped out into the hallway. Alone, with out a bag, a juice, nothing. I don't know what I was planning on doing, but I was sweating and I couldn't really get a grip on what or where I was. Maddy soon came out with my test kit and sat down with me waiting to see the results. 63.
 That's what it felt like. (IDK what 1.1 translate to in mg/dl, but I know I was not THAT low.) As I sat in the hallway waiting for my juice box to be delivered the whole entire school flooded into the band hallway. One of the teachers sat down with me because I looked like I was about to pass out, my instructor walked in and like didn't say a word just ran for the starbursts he brought, my band teacher walked in and just shrugged and there I sat in the middle of it half confused half scared I wouldn't get it up in time to perform. My instructor tore around the corner with a giant bag of starbursts, that are evidently living at the bottom of his bag and are reserved just for me, with a worried look on his face saying I could take all the time I needed, and that this is why you should always become friends with the instructors. Everything turned out fine, I carried my emergency bag around with me every where just in case I had an impromptu low. It was just funny to think. Having your instructor always carry candy for you is just one of the benefits of being hypoglycemic. See were not all bad news...

Keep your head up and your competition face on,
Ellie <3

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