Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Story Of My Life

This is me when I was just a wii tot 15 years ago, chilling out with my aunt in my Grandparent's back yard.
This is me now. Almost 16, almost driving, and still alive. 

This is me acting like I'm working. Yes, I slack off like any other 15 year old too.
This is me chillin with my homies and my brother in very very cold weather.

You know everyone hangs out on a horse swing. No? That's just me??

I got really really dizzy...

This is me being a fun entergetic person with out a care in the world with people I love.
 I didn't show you my life story because I wanted your sympathy or I just wanted to show you how aweosme I am. I wanted to show you so you understand if you don't go through this and to give hope if you are. You're as beautiful as anyone else if you have hypoglycemia you're as entergetic as anyone else even if you have to test your blood sugar and your just as cool if you have to drink a juice box in the middle of math (maybe even cooler.) You're you don't let anyone take that away from you. And for your nightly laugh: this totally describes me.

Keep your head up and stay you,
Ellie <3

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