Wednesday, February 1, 2012

She's Gonna Blow A Gasket

Our FASA nurse at school recently took a leave of absence from well, nursing. She was amazing she knew all of  us "regulars" by name, knew exactly how many carbs we needed to correct a low, knew when our p.e classes were and what the best idea is for how to prevent a low and would always play music while we sat there sipping away at a juice box. Now we have a new FASA. She didn't even introduce herself to me today which is sad because she seemed nice. Anyway, our main nurse is also out of town this weekend so we have a sub nurse, random I know. So I walked in for an cheese stick early. There was Mrs. R (the new FASA nurse), Mrs. C (the sub nurse), and Mrs. E (the lady that was just helping out she's also really super nice.) So Mrs. R never looked up when I walked in so I walked over to the fridge and grabbed some cheese. As I was grabbing it Mrs. E came out and asked if I tested. I kinda smiled and told her I was out of strips. She looked at me and shook her head. Then Mrs. C came out and introduced herself. They were giving me a hard time because I had guard in an hour and we didn't know where I was standing blood sugar wise. After giving me more of a hard time we made a deal if I promised not to pass out and come back up for a second cheese stick before guard then I would be cool. If I didn't well... they really didn't give me any other options. Soo I took my cheese stick and ran okay not really ran, but you get the point. So I guess the moral of this story is
a) Don't run out of test strips
b) Don't go see Mrs. M when she comes back because she will blow a gasket
c) Always have a back up plan.
Those are just some tips to help you make it through every day with hypoglycemia.

Keep your head up and your strips handy,
Ellie <3

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