Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here's Whaz Up

I've always hated the dentist. It's not like it hurts or they're mean or anything it's just the thought of foreign objects and hands in my mouth is just not ideal to me. Well yesterday marked 6 months again and we went back for our annual cleaning... awesome. Well, my mom being smart booked our appointment for 12:00. No biggy for most people right? HUGE BIGGY FOR ME!! 12:00 falls right at my two and a half hour mark which is right when I have to eat. I reminded my mom of this that morning and she promised she would take us out to lunch before the appointment except she picked us up late. My mom doesn't really understand the concept of mom I'm LOW. She thinks I just get tired and a little groggy so she thought I would make it through this appointment. When we were waiting in the waiting room I was already starting to get a little shaky. When I stood up to follow the dentist my legs felt weak and I felt REALLY dizzy. But, I kept going. After we got our teeth cleaned we were waiting for Dr. R to come and check our teeth and I started getting tired and unfocused and irritated. My mom was getting annoyed because I couldn't sit still or sit up. I was getting ready to just walk out and go find something to eat, because someone (mom) rushed me this morning and I didn't have a chance to refill my low pack. So I sat and waited. Then Dr. R finally came in and right as he walked in he goes hey whaaaz uppp??! Like all gangsterish trying to make us laugh I just stared at him blankley. I wanted nothing more than to answer here's whaaaz upp I'm low, shakey, and tired, and dizzy, and unfocused, and every sound you make gets ampliphed in my head by like 70 thousand so can we just make this quick. But I held it in and time draaaged on. FINALLY we got back in the car and headed off to Wendy's. I felt better after 20 minutes of frosty slurping, but it still hurt that my mom wouldn't help me out and the dentist kinda just took his sweet time. I know know to keep my low pack fully stocked at all times and with me all the time.

Keep your head up and your low packs stashed,
Ellie <3

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