Saturday, November 5, 2011

Q.O.T.D #1

So last week was the let's get to know me session and for this weekend I thought it would be cool to do a question of the day today and tomorrow and then tell you some random stuff along the way. :) 

Today's Question Of The Day:
I am a rock group that has 4 members, all of whom are dead, one of which was assassinated. Who am I?

Is it the Beatles?


Umm no. 

*I never got the name The Beatles. It erks me almost because really why would you want to even BE a BUG! They're bugs for crying out loud! 

Is it the Jonas Brothers? 

Umm no. 

*Buuut they are like one of my favorite BANDS. Nick's solo project was amazing, but Joe's just kinda flopped. They are three of the most inspirational people I know and have the nicest manager by the way. 


 MOUNT RUSHMORE! Get it rock group... they're made out of rock... lame I know, but here is something that will get you laughing. 

This is the mount Rushmore rear view. :)

Keep your head up and your rears out of stone, 
Ellie <3

P.S Don't forget about this week's BLUE FRIDAY so don't forget to think BLUE!!!! 

(that's bolded, italicised, underlined, capitalized, AND color coded SO YOU WON'T HAVE AN EXCUSE TO SAY YOU DIDN'T KNOW!!!!) have a great day.

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