Friday, November 11, 2011

I Didn't Want To Loose My Appetite

For all of you who have used glucose tabs or have suggested them to me forgot to mention one tiny itty bitty detail. That the tabs mixed with toothpaste and a juice box taste HORRID!! Yesterday my mom was coming to pick my brother and I up for lunch seeing as though we didn't have school. As I was getting ready for the day I notice my usual symptoms of a low. I was just going to have a juice box to bring it up just enough that I wouldn't loose my appetite, but would correct the low. Of course the last juice box we had was leaking and didn't have a straw. Fuzzy brained me wasn't thinking straight and didn't just cut a hole in the juice box and poor it into a cup. No. I threw that sucker in the trash and stormed away. Maybe I could just wait until my mom gets home and the we'll go to lunch. No the room started spinning. So I went to my next best option the tabs... I ate one and went back to carry on with my day. (I hate just waiting for lows to come up.) So I went to brush my teeth. WORST. IDEA. EVER! Glucose tabs and toothpaste taste like. I don't even want to describe it. So that's my story and advice for the day. Hope you all are wearing blue! 

Keep your head up and your tabs AWAY from the toothpaste,
Ellie <3 

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