Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Breakup

It's true. As many of you know I test my blood sugar three times a day at least more if I feel needed. I named my meter Ottis. He has always been a great listener who would be okay if I threw him against the wall because I was mad at a number he gave me. Lately he just been getting it all wrong. He's been showing me all these LOW numbers in the 40's and super low 50's. Today he showed me 2 70's one 50 and one 60. I was mad. I told him we had to break up that he's the one that messed this great relationship up and that we were never meant to be together. So Ottis is you're listening. Go fly a kite! Cuz you've been super annoying today!! It was nice while it lasted.

Keep your head up and your heart intact,
Ellie <3

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