Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minor Details...

WHOO!!! It's marching season again! We had our first competition yesterday and its great to be back on the field throwing metal poles into the air and trying to "slide" across the field which if you have ever been in band you know it should be deemed humanly impossible.  We did AMAZING yesterday by my standard. To the judges standard we ranked 6th in our class, granted there were only 6 bands in our class... minor details. We did however rank 8th out of all 19 bands that performed!! Yay! Two of my bestest friends are on guard as well and let me tell you, us three together is like mashing a hurricane, tornado, and a tidal wave all in one. IT'S MADNESS!! We had an amazing time and totally took pictures. So without further ado... a snapshot of yesterday!
These are the girlz that I love more than anything in the world. Even if we do suck at group pictures. ;) 
There may or may not have been those wisp toothbrushes in my besties bag and I may or may not have tried them :) So. Much. Fun!! 

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