Friday, October 21, 2011

I blame the Resee's

I swear it was the Reese's that started all this BG shananaginz!
Thursdays... I don't know it's like for some reason my pancreas and Thursdays hate me and want to get back at me for everything I've ever done to them which is nothing. At least I don't think I've done anything. Anyways... It was Thursday morning I'm usually pretty good at carb counting in the morning and balancing out protein with carbs, but I ate more than I usually did. I held out surprisingly well spiking at 117 an hour after breakfast which is when I'm usually already on the downward spiral. So I didn't correct or boost nothing. At my 9:00 am check I was 91 which was amazing for this time in the morning. I gave myself a mental pat-on-the-back and continued fourth. Lunch rolled around and I decided I would treat myself today. My normal is pizza and a water. Yesterday I had pizza, water and I split my Resse's with someone else. Now just so you know lunch for me ends at 12:30ish. My last class of the day is choir and school lets out at 1:15ish. 1:00 rolls around and I was slammed from nowhere with this haze like vision and clouded mind. Hoping it was nothing I kept singing. 4 mins later I couldn't breath or see straight. I walked up to the nurse and tested. 60. Okay not to bad... Crap. I was rushed this morning and forgot all about my depleted juice box stash. I only had one granola bar with 17 carbs. I opened it up and prayed it would bring me back up in 10 mins because I needed to be on that bus. I ate, retested... 58. Well crap. Not even two seconds later the bell rang. Grr. The fasa nurse looked at me and asked me what my retest was. I knew I wasn't going to be on the bus. Not only did
my bg not rise, but it was falling. Now comes my favorite part. The calling of the mom. "Hi this is ____ from ______ school calling from the nurse's office. (Explanation of the bg situation...) can you come pick her up we can't release her until she's back up and by then the buses will have left." The dreaded words... pick her up. In the end my bg came back up to 100, but it was scary. I've NEVER corrected and still have my bg falling. I've NEVER not had a juice box when I needed it the most, and I NEVER want to go through this again.
    Well that was my Thursday for ya. I hope your weekend is absolutably AMAZING!!
Keep your head up,
Ellie <3

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