Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Medical Alert Bracelet

*Before I begin this post I must say that these opinions are solely my own. I am not being paid to say anything in this post, I am just extremely happy with this product and I want everyone to feel just as comfortable as I am with wearing a medical bracelet.*

     I have been wearing a medical bracelet since the Summer of last year. I was starting to pass out a lot and a common problem I was seeing was the fact that it was hard to ID me and get a parent's phone number from me when I was just coming out of an episode. Some one had suggested wearing a bracelet before, but I thought they were all clunky and not practical and I didn't think anybody would look at it if I passed out. But I looked around for something I liked. I came across just a silicon band that I could put my name and my mom's number on and I ordered that. I figured I would only wear it while working out or when I wasn't with my parents. But it was ugly and I'm not a big fan of ugly so I stopped wearing it all together. Then one day while reading blogs from other people I stumbled upon a post about medical alert bracelets and how they were having the same problem as I. I kept reading to find out about Lauren's Hope. It's a company that combines safety with style. I glanced around their website and started finding bracelets that I fell in love with. And I loved that I could make them my own by mixing bands with my alert plate. I ordered my first bracelet in July. I wore it all day everyday, and two days after I got it in the mail, an EMT used it to locate my mother while I was unconscious. I like change. I'm always changing my ear rings, my style and now I'm constantly changing my bracelet. I've grown to a collection of six bands and I change them as often as I feel. I just received my newest one in the mail (it's glow in the dark!!) And I love it. So if you're in the market for a new medical alert bracelet/necklace or maybe you don't have one and you think you should try Lauren's Hope. I've been wearing a medical alert bracelet every day since I ordered my second one and trust me it's come in really really handy a few times already. And like they always say it's better to be safe than sorry. So what does your medical alert look like?

Keep your head up and stay safe,
Ellie <3
4 out of 6 of my bracelets 

The one I'm currently wearing is glow in the dark with a purple plate. 

Most of my bracelets live on my dinosaur by my bed until I decide to wear a new one. 

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