Monday, April 22, 2013

I Finally Got What I Came For

     Today was my neurologist appointment. The one that was supposed to tell me once again there was nothing wrong with me, the one that was supposed to blow me off once again as someone who will grow out of it, the doctor that I was constantly told "not to hold my breath for." I got an answer. Finally for once I got what I came for. I got an answer.
     I got a diagnoses, a solid plan of attack, and a positive report overall. I was diagnosed with something so simple everyone thinks it's almost sad no one thought of this before. It doesn't explain the hypoglycemia, but I've come to terms with that fact. I'd much rather have to treat a low blood sugar than be found on the floor by the janitor. The neurologist spent 20 minutes talking to me asking me questions about every episode reading the journal I brought with me explaining everything he took the time to listen and I don't think anybody who hasn't been in the same position as me will ever understand how much that meant to me. He did an evaluation and handed me a packet. I'm officially diagnosed with Acute Confusional Migraines. Migraines, that's all it was. The blood vessels in my brain were constricting and I was firing something or other way to fast and my brain can't keep up with it. Well, that's what I got from his explanation. It causes literally every symptom I've been getting. Blurry vision when ever I'm trying to read something, jelly legs, shakiness  dizziness, nausea which has caused me to throw up,disorientation, EVERYTHING. Other people who have also had it describe one of they're symptoms as they're head filling up with air or water.. my mom thought I was just making that up! It's real! It causes people to forget their names, what they were doing, or where they need to go. It literally covers every symptom I have felt with this, including the blackout spells, fainting, and not being able to remember what's happened to me! He gave me a prescription for medication (don't ask me what it's called cuz I got no clue) but I take it when ever I feel the first symptom like it has to be with in the first two-three minutes and within fifteen minutes I'm supposed to magically feel 10x better. And you know what, I believe him. He's says it will help if I rest after I take one, but if I would like to and I am able to I can return to my normal activities and it doesn't cause drowsiness. He also gave me, I kid you not, "headache packet" it has a calendar and every time I get an episode I have to look back and write down things that might have triggered it. Hopefully soon, I will have a personalized list of do's and don'ts to prevent more of these migraines to happen. No one understands how happy I am to finally have a diagnoses and to have a plan. I came home and cried for a good 20 minutes because I was so relieved. He is ordering and EEG and an MRI just to be absolute sure I'm not epileptic or anything more serious, but this is it. This is the answer I've been fainting for over three months for. This. Is. It. I feel so relieved, so happy, so free. I can finally be myself again. I finally have my life back. Hopefully the medications work like they're supposed to and this is all solved. I finally got what I came for, and it feels amazing.

Now that I can proceed with guard with out passing out I'll be able to kick
more major butt at competitions! :D

Keep your head up and always look forward for tomorrow,
Ellie <3


  1. I am so happy to hear that you finally have some answers! <3

  2. Bad news you've been diagnosed... good news you know what it is. Hope things are much better going forward.